Cheap hotels in Paris

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Finding a cheap hotel in Paris is possible. When planning a trip to Paris, airfare and hotel costs are the heaviest. Tighten from here, tighten from there, you can not always cut the cost in the air ticket, so you have to try to pay less in the lodging. It is not the easiest task to find a cheap hotel in Paris, but you can find a hotel that fits in your pocket. Everything will depend on what you are willing to give up on your journey.

Hotels in Paris under 100 euros are already considered budget hotels, meaning hotels that are not as comfortable can still be well located. In this list I made of 5 hotels in Paris under 50 euros, we are already entering the hanking of hotels “super-budget” that I am suggesting.

Before you book a hotel, you need to evaluate what is important to you. Do you just want a place that can rest from the leg kick of the day? A simple but honest hotel? If that is your case, these hotels may be interesting for you. Let’s check out what the reviews are accurate for what is expected at a cheap hotel in Paris for less than 50 euros per night.

This hotel is located in the 14th arrondissement of Paris, with a good location and close to the metro station (which is always important). The hotel offers air-conditioned rooms, which is very welcome if you go between July and August to Paris. The hotel has free Wi-Fi and offers rooms with private bathroom or shared bathroom. The hotel is considered excellent for those who want to visit Paris and intends to simply sleep. Guests also praise the location, cleanliness and the super cheap breakfast.

The Hotel Cambrai is a pleasant surprise in the middle of the 10th arrondissement in Paris. The location is considered excellent, very close to the Gare du Nord where are the main transports for commuting to the city center and airport. It also helps if you are going to make a return trip to London, as it is from here that the EuroStar train leaves. Good hotel to rest at the end of the day with good value for money. Only one however, in this region, it is best to return to the Hotel before 23:00. Not that you’re going to be robbed, but this area concentrates many immigrants and homeless at night.

Found this good list of cheap clean hotels on this travel blog (in portuguese):

Encontrar um hotel barato em Paris é possível. Quando se planeja uma viagem para Paris os custos de passagem aérea e hotel são os que mais pesam. Aperta daqui, aperta dali, nem sempre se consegue cortar o custo na passagem aérea, então acaba sobrando tentar pagar menos na hospedagem. Não é tarefa das mais fáceis encontrar um hotel barato em Paris, mas dá para encontrar um hotel que caiba no bolso. Tudo vai depender do que você está diposto a abrir mão na sua viagem. Hotel barato em Paris : Os hotéis em Paris abaixo de 100 euros já são considerados hotéis “budget”, ou seja, aqueles hotéis que não são tão confortáveis mais ainda podem ser bem localizados. Nessa lista que fiz de 5 hotéis em Paris abaixo de 50 euros, já estamos entrando no hanking de hotéis “super-budget” que estou sugerindo.