Typhoon Lagoon vs Volcano Bay


Volcano Bay is the newest water theme park opened in Orlando, Florida. It is situated in Universal Orlando Resort. It is operated by Universal Parks and Resorts, and is designed to replace the Wet ‘n Wild water theme park. Many people are interested in visiting this place. Interestingly, it has a somewhat similar theme as Typhoon Lagoon, featuring a mountain – volcano, to be precise – at the center. So, how do Typhoon Lagoon vs Volcano Bay compare against each other? Which one is the best water theme park in Orlando? See below!

Location and Transportation
Typhoon Lagoon is one of Disney’s water theme park located at Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista. It is the only major park that is situated within the city limits of Lake Buena Vista, whereas the other major parks – including Blizzard Beach that we discussed in Typhoon Lagoon vs Blizzard Beach – are actually situated in the adjacent city Bay Lake. However, the entire Walt Disney World Resort’s mailing address is Lake Buena Vista.

Typhoon Lagoon is very easily reachable. You can drive to the place, and the parking is free. You will not be charged any parking free. After parking, you can reach the water theme park by walking.

On the other hand, Volcano Bay is located at 6000 Universal Boulevard in Universal Orlando Resort. Reaching the water theme park is quite a tricky matter. It charges a parking fee. After parking, you still need to take a bus and walk a little in order to reach the water theme park.

Theming and Atmosphere
Both Typhoon Lagoon vs Volcano Bay are very comfortable and fun. However, Typhoon Lagoon feels a little bit more secluded from the city, which is great. On the other hand, Volcano Bay still feels close to the city.

Just like other Disney parks, Typhoon Lagoon has its own ‘legend’ that serves as the backstory for the theming. It is said that the formerly pristine tropical paradise was hit by a massive typhoon. As the effect, various ships and fishing gear are now strewn around in strange places. The center point of the park is Miss Tilly, which is a shrimp boat that is impaled on a geyser-erupting mountain named Mount Mayday. Typhoon Lagoon really feels like a tropical island, with all the lush banana and palm trees and the 50’s Beach Boy music.

On the other hand, Volcano Bay is more about a Hawaiian vacation. The music and hotels in this place really hold the Hawaiian theme. The center point of the park is Krakatau, an artificial volcano which holds three drop slides.

Features and Overall Experience
Both places have very interesting attractions. Typhoon Lagoon has the world’s largest wave pool, whereas Volcano Bay boasts the tallest body slide in America. However, Typhoon Lagoon offers better overall experience than Volcano Bay due to several reasons. First of all, the queuing system in Typhoon Lagoon is much better, whereas the TapuTapu queuing system in Volcano Bay is simply a mess. Second, in Typhoon Lagoon, you are allowed to bring foods and drinks, whereas in Volcano Bay you are only allowed to bring a soft-sided cooler. Third, Typhoon Lagoon has photographers walking around so that you don’t really have to bring a camera around. Volcano Bay doesn’t.

Honestly, Volcano Bay is a decent place. It has great attractions that many people love. But the best water theme park title still belongs to Typhoon Lagoon, which offers not only great attractions but also better overall experience. Typhoon Lagoon offers easy access and free parking, better queuing system, food-and-drink allowance, and photographer service.

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