Tripit vs Tripit Pro


Do you love to travel? If you really love travel, you probably need to equip yourself with a trip planner. With a trip planner, it will be much easier for you to organize itineraries and travel plans. A trip planner is also imperative for business travelers. And when it comes to a trip planner, the one app that does it all effectively is TripIt. The TripIt app is very easy and convenient to use, since various useful features have been integrated there. However, TripIt is available in two versions; the free one and the paid one, which is called TripIt Pro. So, what is actually the difference between TripIt and TripIt Pro?

Setting It Up
Let us start from the basics. In order to start using TripIt, either the free or Pro version, you need to sign up for your TripIt account using the same email address that you use to receive travel confirmations. Then, the app will scan for all travel alerts in the email account and add them to your TripIt account. But if you don’t want such automation, you can select and forward specific reservations to – still using the same email address. TripIt will then create a master itinerary for all of your upcoming travels. (See Also : Car Rental Hotwire vs Priceline).

Membership Fee
If you choose the free version, well, obviously, there is no required payment. If this is your first time using TripIt, choosing the free version first for a trial run is never a bad idea. If you are ready to step up, TripIt Pro will charge you a little bit above four dollars per every month. Considering that the fee is monthly, it seems to be more cost-efficient for people who do travel a lot every week or month.

Of course, the primary difference between TripIt and TripIt Pro is the features. Actually, TripIt free is already loaded with all the basics and fundamentals, such as the ability to store all confirmation numbers, reservations, and contact info in one neat master itinerary. All the travel plans can be synced to the calendar, and TripIt free can also store all your digital travel documents in one place, safe and secure.

TripIt Pro is packed with cool advanced features. It can give you email notifications for check-in time, delays, and connection risks. It can also give you alternative flight options if your booked flight is canceled. There is also the seat tracker feature that informs you if a better seat in your next flight is available. Finally, there is a reward program for TripIt Pro users. You get points for using TripIt’s services, which you can redeem for booking hotel rooms or rental cars.

If you only travel occasionally, then the free TripIt is more cost-efficient. However, if you do travel a lot every month, the TripIt Pro is worth the money, especially for the added convenience and the reward program.

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