Secret St James vs Wild Orchid


Have you planned your next holiday? If you are not sure yet or still can’t figure out what you want, why don’t try visiting Jamaica? This Caribbean country has lush topography of mountains, rainforest as well as reef-line beaches. It also has many luxurious resorts and two of them are the Secret St James vs Wild Orchid in our today article. These luxurious resorts have all you are looking for in a comfortable staying place with their full features to make you don’t want to end your holiday.

In this article we are going to give you information about:
– What are Secret St James and Wild Orchid
– What you can do in Secret St James and Wild Orchid
– Secret St James vs Wild Orchid

About Secrets St James
Secret St James is located on a peninsula, so you will get a direct view to the beautiful Caribbean Sea from this resort. It is around 4.2 km from the Bob Marley Experience and around 8 km from Sangster International Airport. You can reach this resort easily from the Airport using any transportation you prefer when arriving in Jamaica. Just like the name, this resort is owned by Secrets, which also has numerous similar resort in other places like those in Playa Del Carmen and Cancun. (Read also : Punta Cana vs Cancun)

Secrets St James Features
Secrets St James offers 350 luxurious guests suits with their British colonial décor, your own private balcony,different bed sizes, whirlpool tub as well as complimentary mini-bar and many more. You can pick either Junior Suit or upgrade your experience to the preferred Club. With this upgrade you will get an upgraded suite, access to the exclusive lounge, access to party nearby Montego Bay, and other enhanced amenities to please you even more. You may also able to ask a Butler to serve you with additional cost.

Holiday is not complete without the perfect dining experience. When you choose Secrets St James, you can indulge yourself in an array of international cuisine that you can choose from 7 a la carte gourmet restaurants, a buffet venue, a grill and a café without the need of doing a reservation first. If you are going with your partner, you may want to sneak away from other people to have your own romantic meal in suite or on the beach.

When you choose to check in Secrets St James, you can have access to numerous indoor and outdoor activities, such as Ping-Pong, basketball, volleyball, soccer, pool tables, Yoga, beach football, dance classes, aerobics, and even cooking classes. For those who enjoy water sports, there are sailboats and kayaks, water aerobics, catamarans, scuba diving lessons, and many more. With all of these activities, you won’t get bored start from when you open your eyes to when you have to rest.

Do you want to have a secret wedding on a private beach or plan to do so? Secrets St James has the best plan for you and your partner to tie the knot in a magnificent wedding gazebo with complete facilities to let you and your guest enjoy the ceremony. What you need to do is leave everything to the resort professional wedding planner to handle, so you can focused to each other instead.

About Wild Orchid
Secrets Wild Orchid is the sister resort of St James and of course also owned by Secrets. This resort is located at the same place or we can say it is literally the same area as St James, so before we go in deep about this resort, you can already imagine what you can do in this resort because it will be the same. The resort is located at the peninsula with over a mile of private beach and all the beautiful scenery surrounding the place.

Wild Orchid Features
Similar like in St James, Wild Orchid also offers 350 luxurious guest suites with the same British Colonial décor, a king size bed or double queen bed, a whirlpool tub, private balcony, mini-bar, and many more. If you are ready to upgrade your experience, you can choose the preferred club by adding some more. With the upgrade, you will get an upgraded suite, access to an exclusive lounge, special concierge service, as well as access to party in Montego Bay and many more.

For those who are looking for a complete dining experience, Secrets Wild Orchid has 7 a la carte gourmet restaurants, a grill, a café, and a buffet venue that you can access without making any reservation first. For those night owls, you can enjoy your night bites at the Coco Café and World Café or if you don’t feel like going out, you can order from your room. All the services are available 24 hours for your convenience.

Your holiday should be filled with exciting activities and in Wild Orchid you can pick anything from an array of numerous activities, such as basketball, volleyball, horseback riding, board games, windsurfing, snorkeling, water polo/pool volleyball, and access to the game lounge where you can play various games. If you want to golf, there are several Golf Courses nearby the resort while the fitness center is available from 6 am to 8 pm when you need to do your exercise.

Similar like in St James, you can do your private wedding here. Make your wedding becomes unforgettable moments to the next level by doing it in the resort private gazebo in their private beach while the beautiful scenery behind being the witness of your starting point.

Now, let’s compare Secrets St James with Wild Orchid. As it has been mentioned earlier, these resorts are sisters, so you can get the same features or services from both of them. The prominent difference between both of them is the fact that all of the restaurants are on the Wild Orchid side as well as the slightly different home décor. Some people also said that the beach in St James is slightly more beautiful but if you go to a little bit far nearing the gazebo in Wild Orchid side, you will get the similar view.

Secret St James vs Wild Orchid

Secrets St JamesWild Orchid
– Slightly better beach– The beach is not as good as St James
– Not as closer to the peninsula like Wild Orchid– A bit far to the peninsula
– Not as closer to the restaurants as Wild Orchid– A bit far to the restaurants

All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, they are the same because you can get the same features no matter which resort you choose. However, for easier access to the restaurants we will recommend you Secrets Wild Orchid.

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