Rimowa vs Zero Halliburton


Are you looking for a carry-on travel bag? Well, you should consider getting the Rimowa or the Zero Halliburton! A carry-on travel bag is a type of bag that is still small enough to be allowed to be brought to your seat on the airplane. It is a good choice if you don’t want to be separated from some personal belongings and important documents. So, why Rimowa and Zero Halliburton? Both Rimowa and Zero Halliburton are known for their superior ruggedness and durability, ensuring maximum protection to the things inside the bags. So, which model should you get? Continue reading below to see the comparisons and recommendation.

Both the carry-on versions of the Rimowa and Zero Halliburton travel bags are made using an aluminum alloy material. Aluminum is a material known for both the lightweight property and reasonable sturdiness. No wonder that Rimowa and Zero Halliburton travel bags are lightweight. Even so, they still offer great durability. For sure, they can protect your belonging against impacts and sharp objects. From the outside, Zero Halliburton appears simpler and perhaps more casual, as the front surface is mostly smooth with just a few ribs. On the other hand, Rimowa has a more industrial look. The ribs create a solid and sturdy appearance. The Rimowa travel bags tend to be stronger and more durable than the Zero Halliburton travel bags because of the more numerous, sturdier ribs.

The interior of the Rimowa carry-on looks more luxurious, thanks to the padded leather layers and the nice elegant blue color. The design also makes it easier to place different kinds of things, from documents to clothes. On the other hand, Zero Halliburton carry-on’s interior appears too conventional, though indeed the design is functional. There are some zipper closures for additional storage space, but the latches may take more time to open and close. (See also : Rimowa vs Hartmann)

Both models have TSA locks, enabling you to secure your belongings while still allowing the bag to be opened and re-locked without damage in security checks. Both models are certainly equipped with wheels, but Rimowa’s wheels seem to be sturdier than Zero Halliburton. Finally, each bag comes with multiple handles for versatile carrying positions.

Both are good bags, but we recommend you to choose the Rimowa travel bag. It has a better, more rugged construction. The interior design is also better and more elegant.

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