Rimowa vs Tumi


So, you are now wondering whether you should get a Rimowa or Tumi as your travel bag. Of course, there are several aspects that we need to consider in considering about a travel bag. Usually, the price and capacity become the primary factors, also the look and appearance. However, we also need to consider the durability and warranty. We certainly don’t want something that breaks in the middle of our vacation. We also need to make sure about how much the warranty covers, including whether it covers airline damage or not. So, should you choose Rimowa or Tumi? Find out below.

Rimowa is a hard suitcase. It is constructed from 100% polycarbonate for the protective outer shell and featuring a scratch-resistant finish to keep the travel bag appear new and elegant. The hard shell will put the maximum protection for your belongings, keeping them safe against impacts and sharp objects. It is available in various colors, such as white, purple, and blue. It is very good-looking. It is equipped with a TSA lock, which can be opened for security checks without any damage and then relocked. This is a very nice feature that indirectly lowers the chance of airline damage. (See also : Rimowa vs Briggs and Riley)

On the other hand, Tumi is available in various models, both hard case and soft case. The hard case models are constructed of polycarbonate and ABS materials, whereas the soft case models are made of nylon. The color options are not as colorful as Rimowa, though we must say that Tumi travel bags all appear classy. However, Tumi is quite more expensive than Rimowa.

Rimowa is relatively smaller than Tumi. Rimowa is also more lightweight, making the model such a convenient portable choice. However, the capacity is also not as big. Tumi is bigger and heavier, but it also offers a little bit more space. It also features zippered closures for easy quick-access storage.

Unfortunately, neither model provides a lifetime warranty. Well, with the Rimowa travel bag being durable and featuring the TSA lock, it may not need the warranty at all, but still, the warranty is satisfying. Rimowa generally accepts warranty claims and is very responsive. The same cannot be said for Tumi. Tumi has received mixed reviews concerning the warranty and customer service.

Between these two models, we recommend you to choose Rimowa. It has a more compact and lightweight design, making it very easy to be brought along in your travel. The TSA lock is very useful, and the warranty is great.

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