Rimowa vs Tumi Carry On


Are you looking for a carry-on travel bag? If you don’t want to be separated from your belongings, using a carry-on bag when going on a public transportation is a good idea. A carry-on bag is a bag that is still small enough to be allowed to be brought along to your seat. The maximum dimensions for a carry-on bag are 9” x 14” x 22” in the United States. So, now, there are two brands that may have captured your attention: Rimowa and Tumi. Both Rimowa and Tumi are available in the carry-one size. So, how do the carry-on models compare to each other? Which is the one that you better choose?

Just like most of their other products, Rimowa carry-on travel bags are only available in the hardside models. Rimowa carry-on travel bags all have that metallic silver color, creating such a contemporary and industrial look. On the other hand, Tumi Carry-on travel bags are available in both hardside and softside models. The hardside models are usually preferred when you want the most rugged protection against sharp objects, whereas the softside models can be the choice if you need the external pockets for additional storage. In addition, Tumi Carry-on travel bags are mostly available in black, though there are other color variants available in fewer numbers.

Because carry-on travel bags have been designed to be compact to meet the size limitation, they usually don’t have very much of capacity. Still, it is worth a note that Rimowa travel bags are generally bigger than Tumi Carry-on travel bags. The difference may not be very significant, but still beneficial. (Read also : Rimowa vs Hartmann)

Both Rimowa and Tumi Carry-on are already equipped with the TSA lock technology, which is very useful. The TSA lock enables you to secure your belongings, yet can be opened and locked back properly for security checks without any damage. However, Rimowa travel bags have a latch closures whereas Tumi Carry-on travel bags usually have zipper closures. Latch closures are generally simpler and quicker to open and close than zipper closures.

Tumi Carry-on travel bags usually have one telescopic handle, whereas Rimowa travel bags have both a telescopic handle and a side handle for versatile carrying positions. Rimowa’s wheels also seem to be sturdier due to the dual-wheel system on each corner.

We recommend you to choose a Rimowa travel bag because it has a better design, allowing for a more convenient usage.

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