Rimowa vs Samsonite


Rimowa and Samsonite are two of the most popular brands of travel bags. There are many people who always prefer and trust these companies’s products. Both brands are praised for their superior quality and durability. Rimowa’s strong point is the combination of the lightweight nature and exceptional ruggedness. On the other hand, Samsonite’s strong points are the solid construction and affordability. However, with many people advising you to get either the Rimowa or the Samsonite travel bag, which one should you actually choose Well, no worries! In the article below, you can find the comparisons between these two great brands. Continue reading below before you make your choice!

Both Rimowa and Samsonite travel bags are generally lightweight and compact, making them very easy to bring in trips and travels. However, Rimowa’s travel bags are all made of an aluminum material. The aluminum material is a little bit heavier than the polycarbonate, but indeed more solid and durable. On the other hand, Samsonite travel bags are available in several variants. There are polycarbonate and aluminum models.

Rimowa and Samsonite come with different special services. Rimowa travel bags are equipped with a special trademarked multiwheel system, which allows for easy and effortless maneuverability as well as great durability. In addition, each of the bags is handcrafted for the best quality. Rimowa has repair shops all around the world, making it easy to fix a problem on your travel bag wherever you are. Unfortunately, Rimowa does not have the 24-hour customer service. (Take a look : Rimowa vs Zero Halliburton)

On the other hand, Samsonite has a downloadable travel app through which you can get offers, rewards, and discounts. The customer service is also great, available for 24 hours a day. Samsonite can repair damaged and defective pieces.

Both brands also have TSA locks on most of the products. The TSA lock is very useful when going on a public transportation, allowing the opening and re-locking of the bag safely without any damage in security checks.

Samsonite is suitable for people looking for an affordable and cost-efficient travel bag. The travel app is very nice. However, if you are looking for the best quality, you should choose Rimowa. It is also a great choice if you often travel abroad, due to the global service.

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