Rimowa vs Hartmann


Are you looking for the best and most reliable travel bag? If you ask people about the best and most reliable travel bag on the market, the majority of them may answer with either Rimowa or Hartmann bags. Indeed, both are famous names in the market. People generally consider them as high-quality bags that can last for a long time. However, Rimowa is usually more expensive than Hartmann. So, which is the bag that you better get? See the differences and comparisons between Rimowa and Hartmann below!

Rimowa travel bags are hard-sided. Every one of them always have a hard, solid cover that provides the maximum protection to your belongings. A hard-sided bag can prevent impacts and sharp objects from reaching the inside. Another nice thing about Rimowa is the gloss finish; the Rimowa bags have a gloss finish that both enhances the looks and protects against minor scratches. With a silver metallic color, Rimowa bags appear modern, classy, functional, and solid. The Rimowa bags are made from the rugged yet lightweight polycarbonate material. (Read also : Rimowa vs Tumi)

On the other hand, Hartmann travel bags are available in more varieties. There are soft-sided travel bags that are made from nylon, and there are also polypropylene hard-sided travel bags. The soft-sided bags are nice because of the additional storage in the form of pockets available both inside and outside. However, soft-sided bags are not as durable or weatherproof as hard-sided bags. Meanwhile, the hard-sided bags also have a gloss finish, and they have a full grain leather lining. Hartmann travel bags are available in more varieties of colors. They generally appear elegant, contemporary, and classy.

Features and Performance
One of the best features of Rimowa is the integrated TSA lock. The Rimowa travel bag has an integrated TSA lock that allows the opening for security checks without damage. The TSA lock is recognized all around the world, ensuring that you can travel without worrying about airline damage. The bag has a pair of wheels on each corner. The wheels are very durable and easy to drive. The bag also has two handles, one on the top and another on the side, allowing for versatile carrying positions.

On the other hand, Hartmann travel bags usually have zipper closures. The handles are only available on one side. The wheels are pretty durable, though not as sturdy as Rimowa’s.

In general, we recommend you to choose a Rimowa travel bag. It has better features, with the TSA lock being very useful.

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