Rimowa vs Halliburton


There are several reasons why people prefer to use a hard suitcase instead of the soft nylon counterparts. A hard travel bag is generally more rugged and durable, especially against sharp objects. It is much more difficult to open a hard travel bag in force than a soft nylon travel bag. In addition, a hard travel bag may appear more classy than a soft travel bag, at least to some people. Now, if you are looking for a hard travel bag, there is a big chance that you are considering Rimowa and Halliburton. Both Rimowa and Halliburton are famous manufacturers in the market. Which product should you trust?

In this article, we are going to focus the comparisons between the hard aluminum bags of the two brands. The Rimowa travel bag comes with a lightweight yet durable aluminum magnesium alloy housing and polished aluminum corners. Of course, the travel bag is very lightweight and easy to lift. The gloss finish greatly enhances the appearance, at the same time protecting the bag against minor scratches. It has an elegant industrial look. The Rimowa travel bag has a pair of wheels on each corner. The wheel system is highly rugged and durable, yet responsive enough to allow easy driving. The bag has a decorative inner lining and adjustable packing straps. (See also: Rimowa vs Hartmann)

The Halliburton aluminum travel bag may appear similar at first, but it has an aluminum body that has fewer ribs than Rimowa. The fewer ribs mean that it is more flexible and can be more prone to breaking. The Halliburton travel bag appears more casual and fancy. It has a removable garment sleeve. However, the wheel system is not as good as Rimowa. The Halliburton travel bag only has a pair of wheels on the rear part of the bag. The wheels are also not swiveling, so turning and maneuvering can be awkward.

Both models come with TSA locks. The TSA lock is essential, especially if you are going to travel using public transports. The TSA lock will protect against theft, but also allow security checks to open the bag without damage for inspection, and then to lock it back properly and safely. Both models also have multiple handles for versatile carrying positions. However, the Rimowa bag has leather handles that are very comfortable and classy.

In the end, we recommend you to choose the Rimowa travel bag. It looks more stylish and elegant. The construction is more rugged and durable, thanks to the great ribs. The wheel system is durable and easy to drive. It also has the TSA lock.

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