Ricardo Beverly Hills vs Samsonite


If you are currently looking for a hardside luggage, there are two brands that are most notably well-known for their premium quality hardside luggage. Those brands are Ricardo Beverly Hills and Samsonite. Ricardo Beverly Hills’s as well as Samsonite’s travel bags are widely preferred because they are considered rugged and durable enough to withstand travel abuse. They also look nice and elegant. So, should you pick a Ricardo Beverly Hills luggage or the Samsonite? Read the comparisons between Ricardo Beverly Hills and Samsonite below before you make your choice!

Even though Ricardo Beverly Hills and Samsonite are mainly known for their hardside luggage, they actually also produce some softside models. However, in this article, let us focus only on the hardside models. If we are to compare the design, we must say that Samsonite somehow appears more classy and more elegant. Samsonite hardside travel bags always have that pronounced horizontal ribs that make the bags rugged and appear solid. Samsonite travel bags are mostly available in gray and black color choices. There are some blue and white variants as well, though not available as widely. On the other hand, Ricardo Beverly Hills hardside travel bags have vertical ribs. The bags appear more laid back and conventional, though the dark hue and gloss finish help in creating a classy air. Ricardo Beverly Hills hardside travel bags are mostly available in dark blue, dark gray, and white.

Even though there are many people who have praised Ricardo Beverly Hills for being so rugged and durable, Samsonite is the sturdier and more solid model. That is because of the construction and design. (Read also : American Tourister vs Samsonite)

Both Ricardo Beverly Hills and Samsonite are available in many different models with different sizes, but the capacity of the Samsonite travel bags seem to be somewhat bigger than the Ricardo Beverly Hills counterparts. But the difference is not that much.

One of the best things about Samsonite travel bags is that most of them are already equipped with the TSA lock. The TSA lock is very useful if you are going to take the luggage on a public transport. The TSA lock allows you to secure your belongings, but can be opened without damage for the security checks and then locked back properly. Some Ricardo Beverly Hills already have the TSA lock, but some others don’t have it yet.

Finally, we recommend you to choose a Samsonite travel bag. It has a better design, solid construction, reliable durability, as well as the TSA lock.

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