Relayridess vs Flightcar


A number of applications for smartphones-taxi or rent a car in the middle of the lively community today. Ease of access in a book taxis or car with just the touch of a finger, making it more popular. Central car rental company noticed a trend. There are several reasons why people use online car rental service applications, one of them is the ease with which obtained only with an internet connection and a gadget.

We won’t explain the meaning of ease of smartphone and application for relation rental cars, but rather will discuss and compare the rental application is also 2 Middle known popular amongst society at this time. They are the subject of discussion since the into consideration also when want to decide to choose one among the RelayRidess vs. FlightCar. We help you with an explanation in this article.

Product Description of RelayRidess
RelayRidess, found online at, is a company that allows car owners the option to earn extra money by renting their car for pre-screened and approved tenants who use their services safely and fully insured. Car owners charge their Car Rental price, but when doing so they need to keep in mind that 75% of the rental cost and mileage goes to car owners while 25% is considered by RelayRidess. Three days after completion of booking the rental, Part of the fee will be credited to your bank account. Car owners who are interested in making extra money hiring their car can sign up with RelayRidess for absolutely free.

How RelayRidess work?
Car owners can set their own parameters for how long they are willing to rent them, rental instructions, and rental rates. In addition, they promise that every car leased through their services is insured up to $1 million, and that any tenants who use their services have pre-aired for eligibility with no tenants with bad driving histories or unconfirmed identities will be allowed to rent. This insurance will cover all damages or thefts from your car, with no out of pocket expenses for car owners.

Since these services are free for car owners to participate in, they do not offer refund policies to them. Customers who rent a car will want to know their cancellation policy and the potential for a refund of advances. Customers who wish to contact their customer service team with questions, complaints or complaints may do so by phone at 866-735-2901 or by sending them directly to their website via our Email link.

Verdict of RelayRidess
RelayRidess is an online service that connects private car owners with tenants. It is like Airbnb, but for vehicles. You can rent a car from people who list their vehicles on the site. Often, this can be cheaper than renting from a regular Car Hire agent. But there are some risks involved, the Leasing process can be complicated, and you may not earn extra points on your credit card for travel purchases like you would with any other Car Rental.

Product Description of FlightCar
FlightCar is the answer to your Airport parking misery. The company, starting in 2012 was founded by two teenagers who saw the opportunity to alternate airport parking solutions. Kevin Petrovic and Kujul Zaparde were suspended from entering Princeton and Harvard companies to start and, more recently, they received $13.5 million in funding to expand their business to airports and other cities.

FlightCar is so simple that it’s that no one has come up with an idea before going crazy. People who fly out of town may choose to park their car in FlightCar’s lot (saving them $30 bucks or so many Airports will cost you) and FlightCar will rent out a car to someone who has just arrived in town. If a car is not rented out, car owners will still benefit from free parking, free car wash. If a car is rented, the owner car gets a discounted rental fee (about $0.05 per mile pushed).

How FlightCar works?
First, the customer decides to rent a car in FlightCar. You head online, signs for FlightCar and car rental list. The day you left, you dropped your car in FlightCar’s lot, did an examination where an average of 25 pictures of the car were taken, and then escorted to the airport by FlightCar Shuttle. When the customer returns, the shuttle picks you up at the Airport, another inspection is completed and, if the car is rented while the owner leaves, you will receive a check for mileage in the mail.

Meanwhile, the person arriving at the airport has got into the same plane as our hypothetical owner and arrives at FlightCar to pick up the car. You have previously signed up to become a tenant on FlightCar’s website and has had his records verified to ensure that he meets the requirements of the tenant driving. You took the car washed, did a check for damage, and drove away. At the end of the contract you return the car, perform another inspection, and commute to the airport. Car rental was washed and then waiting for the owner, who was parked safely in FlightCar’s lot.

Verdict of FlightCar
FlightCar currently operates on the market only 14 across the United States, a number which means that most people will not even have heard of the company, let alone experienced services. As an Extending company, Millennium founders will have to remember that internet reviews can make or break a young company with new ideas. Some quick searches indicate that the FlightCar California Station did not do it well. Complaints about service, slow payments and other issues that might overshadow a decent review in Baltimore and Austin. Perhaps companies should use new investments to increase customer expectations before wowing new cities with savings that business.

RelayRidess vs FlightCar

– RelayRides connects private car owners with tenants– FlightCar operates on the market only 14 across the United States
– RelayRides has insurance that will cover all damages or thefts from your car– FlightCar is the answer to your Airport parking misery
– It can be found online at– FlightCar’s system are known as the simple one

Mostly question is asked: RelayRidess vs FlightCar, which is better at SFO? Well it is up to you if you want to give other strangers access to your car just to get free parking. There are park and fly options as well as BART to get to SFO as you well know but please do as you see fit. We have seen trolls from FlightCar say what a great service it is. Yes they do offer insurance coverage and we are sure you will have your car in the same state you left it in but do you just want to give your cars to strangers to drive. Would you do that in your normal life if they gave you more than 100 bucks?

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