Relayrides vs Zipcar


Are you looking for a rental car? With the online and mobile technologies nowadays, it is now possible for you to find and book a rental car nearby just by using your smart phone. Two popular online car rental services are Turo RelayRides and Zipcar. They both allow you to find a car and book the car for the day. Nevertheless, despite the many similarities, there are also fundamental differences between Turo RelayRides and Zipcar. Depending on your needs and conditions, you may prefer either Turo RelayRides or Zipcar. So, what are the differences?

Service Method
Unlike Zipcar, Turo RelayRides is a peer-to-peer car sharing system in which private car owners can rent their cars to people via the online and mobile apps. As the effect, the company does not actually own the vehicles. This way, procurement and maintenance costs can be eliminated, resulting in a lower pricing. There is no membership fee; you can book a car whenever needed. On the downside, though, car availability is not always guaranteed. There is always a chance that no car is currently ready for rent in your area, even though the chance is very small, considering that Turo RelayRides has been used by a lot of people nation-wide.

On the other hand, Zipcar also provides service via online methods, but the company actually owns and maintains the vehicles. The company has over 11,000 cars available across the United States. However, there is a membership fee, which includes costs for fuel and excess mileage. On the good side, car availability is better. You can be more certain that there is a Zipcar vehicle nearby than with Turo RelayRides. You just need to open the mobile app and walk up to the nearest vehicle. You can open the car using an access card given to members, and the keys are ready inside. The quality of the vehicles is also more assured.

We have mentioned slightly above that Turo RelayRides’s pricing is generally cheaper. This is because the company does not have to cover procurement and maintenance costs for the vehicles. On the other hand, Zipcar has a membership fee which can be quite more expensive, especially if you don’t actually rent the cars very often.

Turo RelayRides is ideal if you only need to rent a car occasionally, and you don’t really mind older vehicles as long as you get where you want. On the other hand, Zipcar should be your choice if you need to have a reliable source of vehicles from time to time, and you feel more secure renting from a company instead of from individuals. The car’s quality is also relatively more assured.

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