Momondo vs Hipmunk


Wondering whether you should use Momondo or Hipmunk? Both are popular travel search engines that help you find flights and hotels with the best prices, allowing you to book the reservations neatly and easily in an organized way. Of course, the benefit of booking online is that you can get lower prices. You can also compare all the available offers easily to pick the one that is the most cost-efficient and trustworthy. Now, let us see the distinctive features of each of these two travel search engines to help you determine which one to use.

Hipmunk is primarily praised for the fantastic design of the user interface. The website has an awesome tab functionality, which enables you to keep track of multiple searches for flights and hotels effortlessly, making your planning stay organized. The interface is fast, clean, and simple, without getting plastered by ads.

The smart algorithm automatically hides unwanted results so that it will not overwhelm you with pages of bad options. You can sort the search results based on the “Agony” level, which is resulted from the combination of price, duration, and number of stops. The hotel search integration is excellent, as it allows you to easily find and book hotels. There are even local AirBnB listings. Howsoever, Hipmunk is only available in the English language, and all the prices are written in the US dollar currency. (See the similar comparison between CheapOair vs Expedia)

On the other hand, Momondo’s interface is pretty much regular, just like other travel search engines. But there is indeed a special advantage on Momondo, which is the discovery feature. There are several options, such as the “Popular Destinations” that shows you all the most visited cities around the world, and the “Inspiration”, which gives you options based on your priorities (romantic, food, etc.).

Another advantage of Momondo is that it is multi-lingual; you can conduct searches not only in English but also in Chinese, French, Italian, Russian, Dutch, Turkish, Danish, Finnish, Swedish, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Norwegian, and Ukrainian. However, unlike Hipmunk, the features are rather limited, as Momondo is not able to handle multi-city trips or search nearby airports with cheaper fares. Sometimes, Momondo also fails to show the total travel time when there is a layover in the flight.

Finally, we recommend you to choose the Hipmunk service. It has a better interface with advanced features. It is also simple to use, fast, and accurate.

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