Menorca vs Mallorca


Menorca and Mallorca are neighboring islands in Mediterranean Sea. Both places offer their own uniqueness and own nuances. It is great if you can visit and enjoy those beautiful experiences in both islands, but if you have limited times, you may want to choose one to optimize your time there. Go check our article below to help you decide which island suit your taste the best.

In this article we are going to give you information about:
– What is Menorca and Mallorca
– How is the Transportation in is Menorca and Mallorca
– What you can do in is Menorca and Mallorca
– Menorca vs Mallorca

About Menorca
Menorca or Minorca is an island in Mediterranean Sea under Spain territory. This island is located not far from another popular tourist destination in Spain Mallorca and in fact its name is actually derived from it. From the size, it is the second biggest island in Balearic Islands below Mallorca with a capital city called Mao or Mahon. The island has Mediterranean climate with average temperature around 25 degree Celsius while the rain mostly happened in October and November.

Transportation in Menorca
Taken from Telegraph to get to Menorca you can fly from your country to the island Airport located around 2.8 miles southwest of Mahon. If you enjoy water transportation, you can use ferry to cross from Barcelona to Menorca. When you are already arrive on the island, you can move around using public transportation like Bus or Taxi. But just like in most places, if you want to move freely, you can rent a car.

Attraction in Menorca
Here are some recommended activities you can do in Menorca:
– For those wine lover, you should visit Bodegas Binifadet. Here you will be given free winery tours and after each tours you can enjoy a lunch at the restaurant as well as two wine testing.
– Try visiting Mahon Port. The view here is remarkable and have been most tourist favorite spot during their visit in the island. From here you can view the town from a great distance, so you can see the entire landscape.
– Try visiting Covad’EnXoroi. Here you can enjoy beautiful and breathtaking view of sunset or the moon over ocean combined with cliff and rocks.

About Mallorca
Mallorca or Majorca is an island in Mediterranean Sea under Spain territory and located between another two popular islands namely Ibiza and Menorca we have talked earlier. As the biggest island in Balearic Islands, the population here is also the biggest. The capital island is called Palma and the climate here is Mediterranean Climate with average temperature around 25 degree Celsius and rainy days commonly happen in September and October. For another holiday destination, check our article on Ibiza vs Mallorca here.

Transportation in Mallorca
To reach the island, you can fly from your country to Mallorca International Airport located around 5 miles east of Palma but the international flight only happened seasonal between May and October. If you enjoy traveling through water, you can try using ferry from Barcelona. When you are already in Mallorca you can move around with public transportation like buses or trains. There are Taxis, Coaches or Ferry you can choose depend on your need but it is still the best to take the wheel yourself by renting a car.

Attraction in Mallorca
Here are some recommended activities you can do in Mallorca:
– Palma the capital city of the island is worth your time when you visit the island for it have plenty shopping destination, cafes as well as tapas bars. This city is also the home of the massive Gothic cathedral, La Seu with its remarkable design.
– Experience the beauty of Soller by Vintage Train. Try taking the wooded train from Palma to Soller while going through the string of tunnels in Tramuntana mountains, pine forest, olive groves, and citrus orchards.
– Try visiting Alfabia Gardens. Here, you will be presented with Islamic, Italian, and English influences nuance with orange and lemon trees, tropical plants, pools, as fountains.

Now, let’s compare Menorca and Mallorca. From the size, Mallorca is obviously bigger than Menorca. From the nuance, Menorca is far quieter than the more popular Mallorca. From the beaches, you can expect Mallorca to have wider and more packed beaches than Menorca with smaller beaches and less people. From the towns, Mallorca is richer with numerous beautiful buildings. If you are a nightlife lover, Mallorca offer many bars and nightclubs while they are not as many in Menorca.

Menorca vs Mallorca

– Smaller than Mallorca– Bigger than Menorca
– Lesser people than Mallorca– More crowded than Menorca
– Better for holiday with children– Great for nightlife lovers
– Smaller beaches with less people– Wider beaches with more people

All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, if you enjoy more modern nuance and enjoy nightlife, Mallorca is a better option while if you want your holiday to be quitter Menorca is the one to go.

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