Megabus vs Boltbus


When it comes and talks about budget bus companies, you know that Megabus vs Boltbus will be the company we travel between New York and Washington DC either to see family, friends, or attend events. Beside of they are cheap, they are also the most popular budget friendly bus companies among people surrounded. Not only that, they both also sometimes have the same promotion with the same services too. So, which bus company you will prefer on?

UNITED STATES – JUNE 11: A Bolt bus headed to New York and a Megabus arriving in Washington, sit next to each other at a terminal in Washington, D.C., U.S., on Thursday, June 11, 2009. Instead of shelling out hundreds of dollars for a flight or trip on Amtrak’s Acela train, travelers are opting for $25 bus rides between the two cities. (Photo by Jay Mallin/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

Advantages of Megabus

1. Cheap
Ticket prices vary greatly depending on the hour and date of departure when & purchasing. If you order tickets today with the same goals as me for departures in September, you can get a ticket at a price of only $1. Not a hoax! Most most expensive ever (the night before the departure) ticket price climbed $50 or severity of the tickets have been sold out. If you are looking for on the day of departure date weekend normally would cost more than the weekday and hour if you want cheap take on when people rarely traveled for example 3 hours early today.

2. Great selection of hours
Within a day, there can be 5-6 time of departure so that it can be selected as needed

3. Luggage
Megabus gives each passenger luggage one of no more than 50 pounds (23 kg) and can carry a small bag of 1 to the bus. Despite the fact there is no baggage checking, advised obeying the terms of the luggage so that we are not rejected. If it still had to carry a lot of luggage, buy tickets again so that you have more luggage space.

4. Facilities in Megabus
There is free wifi (when you can try it doesn’t work), plugs, and a small room on the first floor. There is no selling food and also there is no session out of the bus to buy food so bring your own food/drinks.

Disadvantages of Megabus

1. Only available Online
This becomes as a personal opinion that Megabus that exists only online at this website is something deficient because everything has to be done online including the payment.

2. There is no official bus stop
Well there are also loading and unloading your luggage. Always ready because any luggage not given this marker had the who. Sometimes the waiting time for boarding and unloading luggage this can interfere with the walkers and also vehicles that want to pass. In addition you are wrong not to queue up for the bus area at few Megabus because merge adjacent to the bus stop as well.

While there is no specific sign that this queue is megabus routes and hours. The best way is to directly ask questions to the person waiting in line first or the Megabus to the officer using the uniform. And the last is don’t forget to check the weather conditions since May when waiting for snowfall, rain, high winds, while you have been in the queue stalling was squeezed up to 10 meters and there is no place to take shelter. Only you can do is pray for his bus so quickly come.

3. The restroom Facilities
If you only once using this facility. If it wasn’t for the better you really had to hold. The toilet in the available like Megabus in the aircraft only no buttons flush so as deliberately left for all the dirt collected in liquid and soluble blue up to the goal. Sitting near a toilet on the first floor is not recommended.

Advatages of Boltbus

1. Baggage allowance limit
They do not weigh your luggage, so there is no limit. The space in the cabin itself is very small, so do not expect to even fit a small suitcase in the bus. All Baggage goes in the luggage outside the bus. You may actually be limited to backpacks and suitcases, but in all honesty, we doubt they will care.

2. Boltbus wifi is free
This is probably a question on everyones lips: what is free wifi like? Surprisingly, that’s pretty good. Do not expect to be able to download torrents or make Skype calls, but sites like Github and load pretty well. When it comes to free wifi on buses and trains it’s generally pretty bad in my experience, which is why wifi being stable all the way surprised me. It was not blazingly fast, but it was pretty quick and more than you are expected considering the price is so cheap, it feels like you are getting more than you should.

3. Free electrical outlets
Not only do you get free wifi, there are electrical outlets on (one per seat). This means if you want to work on the bus, you can charge your laptop or if you want to play games on the phone and not leveling, you can charge your phone or other device.

4. Facilities / Food & Beverage
At Boltbus we walked on, it was the toilet (which for the 4 hour bus ride you would expect to have), however this is where the line stops. No water or nibbles in, just no frills bus service.

Disadvantages of Boltbus

1. Poor Connection
The connection does not require a password, it means Unsecured. This makes your internet connection, including web traffic and login, open for staking. We would strongly recommend you use a VPN to secure connections on any unsecured wifi hotspots including a bus bolt. The connection goes down and out as we go, and additionally some tabs open for research, Facebook and G-Mail.

2. The price is not the cheapest
Boltbus is not very new or comfortable but always seems to have a higher price than other companies. None of these buses are really comfortable or clean to be honest for a very long trip, but if you are not going too far and for the price we would say its worth it. We would recommend bolts for short term travelers who are not really picky.

Megabus vs Boltbus

– Megabus is a pretty disorganized free for all– Boltbus ‘s ticket can buy and be seated by zone
– Megabus is not really good in facilities, but has a very good timing– Boltbus has main facilities like WiFi and charging place
– Megabus is known as the affordable ticket offer– Boltbus has comfortable seat

There are 2 main differences on both vs Megabus Boltbus, Megabus uses a bus level that looks cool from the outside but inside it’s solid and uncomfortable. It is always super hot on the bus when you first enter as there is a window above the ceiling. On the other hand, we think that Boltbus is more comfortable than Megabus. There is way more space for feet and outlets that actually work. Since it is not a bus level, there are very few people on the bus and more space overall.

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