Korean Air vs Asiana


Currently, the aircraft has become a tool of air transport that can reach out to all walks of life. In addition to the choice of airline and flight service options, prices in the present is also quite affordable and often compete with the price of intercity bus or ship. But there are still many who do not know about the original airlines which originated from the country of destination. When talking about Korea, we did not think of the airline which will be chosen because we are indifferent and the most important is to completed. For knowledge, review this time will discuss the comparison of the two major airlines in Korea in the form of Korean Air vs Asiana.

About The Company of Korean Air
Korean Air is the national airline of South Korea. The airline is headquartered in Gonghang-dong, Gangseo-gu in Seoul. The airline was established in 1962, replacing the Korean National Airlines established in 1948 when it became independent from Japan’s colonization of Korea. Korean Air already flies to major cities across the continent in the world, other airlines (which flew across the continent in the world) is British Airways, Emirates, South African Airways, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, Qantas, Qatar and Airways. KAL has codesharing agreements with the following airlines (as of this list does not include SkyTeam member).

Korean Air is one of the few airlines with a four star rating from Skytrax (some others are four-star airline Japan Airlines, Thai Airways International, Turkish Airlines, South African Airways). The airline’s main competitor is Asiana Airlines, which is a little bit of the airline with a five star rating, also from Skytrax.

Facilities in Korean Air
Korean Air offers a varied food menu for all passengers. Menu options available which are western dishes, China, Japan, and Korea’s traditional menu. Snacks are also available for long haul flights. Other facilities include:

Choosing Chair
Korean Air offers flight classes, i.e. First Class, Prestige Class, and Economy Class. First Class passengers get seats that can be converted into beds and facilities quality 5 star hotel. Passenger Prestige Class and Economy Class get seat can be tilted so that added convenience of passengers during the flight.

Baggage Conditions
Korean Air baggage facilities provide different, depending on the class of flight. Passenger First Class check-in luggage got 3×32 kg, passenger baggage gets Class Prestige check-in 2×32 kg, while the passenger’s luggage gets Economy Class check-in 23 kg.

The Check-in process
Korean Air provides web check-in can be accessed starting from 24 hours up to 4 hours before the scheduled departure. Using web check-in, passengers can simultaneously select the desired seating in accordance with availability. Passengers can also check-in directly at the Korean Air counter at the airport. The check-in counter at the airport will close 40 minutes before departure for international flights, and 20 minutes for domestic flights.

Flight Rules
Infants under 7 days are not permitted to join the flight of Korean Air. For infants under 2 years of age have to pay 10% of the ticket price of adult passengers.

About The Company of Asiana
Asiana Airlines is a Charter airline based in Seoul, South Korea. Asiana Airlines is one which receives five-star assessment of Skytrax. Asiana is a member of the Star Alliance and operates services to 12 domestic destinations and 82 international destinations in 21 countries around the world. International Headquarters and hub Asiana is located at Incheon International Airport, while the domestic hub, was at Gimpo international airport.

Asiana was established on 17 February 1988 and started operations in December 1988 with flights to Busan. Kumho Asiana, Asiana was formed by Group (Formerly Kumho Group). Asiana is owned by private investors (30.53%), Kumho Industrial (29.51%), Kumho Petrochemical (at 15%), foreign investors (11.9%), Korea Development Bank (7.18%), and others (5.83%). Asiana has 7.799 employees (at March 2007).

Facilities in Asiana
Asiana Airlines serves a selection of Western food specialties and Korea for the passengers. Travel class passengers or Economy Class can enjoy a selection of the best Korea. Business Class passengers and Business Smartium can enjoy a choice of menus and Western Korea. As for the passengers of First Class and First Class Suite can enjoy royal Korea and Western dishes. What about the other facilities and regulations on Asiana Airlines?

Baggage Conditions
Asiana Airlines gives free baggage to passengers depending on the route of the flight and the type of the class. For non-American route, the maximum limit of luggage to Travel Economy Class or Class is up to 30 kg for Business Class and First Class is 40 kg. For American routes: maximum limit for class Travel baggage up to 23 kg while for business class and first class is 2 x 32 kg.

The Check-in process
Asiana Airlines passenger can do the check-in counter and web check-in for domestic flights, check-in counters opened 2 hours before the scheduled departure and be closed 20 minutes before departure time. As for international flights, check-in counters opened 2 hours before the scheduled departure and will close 60 minutes-30 minutes before departure time (depending on the route of flight). Passengers can also do a web check-in online is available from 48 hours to 1 hour before the scheduled departure.

Flight Rules
Asiana Airlines is not recommend for a seven-day-old infants participated in the flight. Category baby is under the age of 24 months or 2 years, if over the age of 2 years it will be charged the fare for children.

Korean Air vs Asiana

Korean AirAsiana
– Korean Air is headquartered in Gonghang-dong, Gangseo-gu in Seoul– Asiana is headquartered in Seoul, Korea
– Menu options available which are western dishes, China, Japan, and Korea’s traditional menu– Menu options available which are Western and Korean food
– Korean Air baggage is depending on type of the class while flight– Asiana Airlines gives free baggage to passengers depending route and the type of the class

Korean Air vs Asiana- They both nearly identical service in terms of flight times and frequency between BKK and ICN and onward travel to the US – be that SFO, LAX or SEA. If we see, the difference wiil be very small. Each carrier has a few things going for them, but we swear that really depends on you, what you need, your travel plans and such. Overall, if we have to recommend you, Asiana can be chosen because it is a larger alliance in the region of owning to the presence of ANA, Air China, Thai, Singapore, Air NZ, EVA, and many more. But, we honestly can’t really say that either one will be or would be materially “better” than the other.

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