Kaanapali vs Wailea


Hawaii is probably the most well-known tourist destination in the world. The islands are enchanting with their natural views, beautiful beaches as well as with numerous resorts you can pick to spend your time there. In today Kaanapali vs Wailea article, we are going to compare both places and give you more information about them, so you will know what you can expect from them as well as help you choose which meets your preference.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What are Kaanapali and Wailea
– How is the transportation in Kaanapali and Wailea
– What you can do in Kaanapali and Wailea
– Kaanapali vs Wailea

About Kaanapali
Kaanapali is a CDP in Maui County and the master planned city town is located at the Old Hawaii ahupuaa of Hanakao’o. Similar like any Hawaii locations, this place is also popular because of the nature especially the beach, which is West Maui signature beach. The area is begin to packed with resorts and hotel after Amfac, Inc. start to develop Kaanapali Beach Resort in 1960s and now you can find numerous hotels as well as condominium complexes on Kaanapali Beach.

Transportation in Kaanapali
The shortest way to get to Kaanapali is through Kapalua-West Maui Airport, which will only need 10 minutes drive to reach the city. You may pick the popular way by arriving at Kahului Airport but the distance is much further from there and will takes 45 minute drive to reach the city. To get around the city, you can use the busses and shuttles if you have limited budget but for those who don’t mind to spend more, the best way to enjoy Kaanapali is by renting a car or a geared bicycle for more adventurous feeling.

Kaanapali Attractions
Here are some recommended activities you can try when visiting Kaanapali taken from usa today:
– The most well-known activity when visiting Kaanapali is probably the whale watching. The place has whalers village mall, which has prime location just off the beach and offers more than 90 stores as well as restaurants. If you visit during October to April, you will get the chance to do whale watching from the mall’s boardwalk.
– Since you are visiting Hawaii, it is not complete until you try the water sports available. There are many activities you can try whether you want to do whale watching trips, day snorkeling, scuba diving, deep sea fishing or even dinner cruises.
– Another popular tourist attraction is the cliff diving ceremony, which is done at the Sheraton Maui Resort. This attraction is a must see to get a peek to Hawaiian culture. The ceremony held at sundown in the north-end of the beach and can be viewed from hotel’s cliff dive bar.
– If you are not fond of water activities, why don’t try golfing instead because Kaanapali is the home of numerous national golf tournaments, such as the Champions Tour Kaanapali Classic. The Golf Resort here offers 36 holes over 1200 acres and with the magnificent view of mountain and ocean.

About Wailea
Wailea is also a census-designated places in Maui County and begin as part of Wailea-Makena since 2010. Just like Kaanapali, this place is a resort place, which master-planned located on Maui’s Sunny in southern leeward coast. The master plan ensure low density and good community as well as to preserve the Maui’s Island environment. When you visit the place, you will notice that most single family here as well as the condominium complexes has gated entryways to ensure safety. It also named as one of the country 99 Best Recreational & Residential Private Communities in America.

Transportation in Wailea
The best and popular way to reach Wailea is by arriving at Maui’s main airport in Kahului and then drive via Highway 311 by following signs to Kihei and Wailea. You will arrive approximately 30 minutes from the Airport to Wailea. To get around the place, the best and popular way is of course the car because it seems there is no public transportation to takes you here and there. The road is said to be very safe and there is no difficult driving condition except when there is traffic. For another recommendation, check Cancun vs Hawaii here.

Wailea Attractions
Here are some recommended activities you can do to enjoy Wailea:
– Hawaii means Beach and here in Wailea, you have to try Makena beach, which is the largest beach in Maui as well as one of the most breathtaking place in all Hawaii. Compare to other part of the island, the beach is remain slightly untouched and retain its natural beauty to these days.
– Try visit and explore La Perouse Bay. Here you can see the illusively beautiful spinner dolphins. Located at the end of Makena Alanui, there are gorgeous lava rocks ridden bay decorated by the azure coastline. However, make sure to arrive early morning if you want to see the dolphins.
– For those who want to get adventurous, try horseback riding at Makena Stables. The morning tours will stay for 1 ½ hours long and you will be matched with the appropriate horses ending skill level while provided with lessons from your trainer.
– If golfing is your favorite, Wailea Golf Club is the one to try for its myriad of golf instruction at all levels. With the view of unobstructed South Maui coastline, this resort consists of Gold, Emerald, and Blue courses.

Now, let’s compare Kaanapali and Wailea. First, Kaanapali has more hotels, restaurants as well as bars and most of them are in walking distance from each other while Wailea has many bigger resorts with their own restaurants and of course they are farther apart, so you can say that it is also less crowded. If you choose to arrive at Kahului, the distance to get to both places are rather the same but it is much faster to arrive at Wailea than to Kaanapali.

Another thing you may use to decide is the access to other places. If you want to try Lahaina, which is Maui’s hub for activities, nightlife, restaurants, etc, Kaanapali is closer option but if you want to try Kihei with their less expensive restaurants and nightlife Wailea is the one to go.

Kaanapali vs Wailea

– More resorts– Less resorts
– Distance between resorts are near– Bigger resorts further apart
– More crowded– Less crowded
– Closer to Lahaina– Closer to Kihei

All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, it is up to your taste and preference when picking between these places. However, we like Kaanapali better because it is easier for you to move around since most places are within reach of walking.

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