Interval International vs RCI


Are you familiar with time exchange concept where you trade your vacation ownership with another units which is more preferable for you. This concept has been around since 1960s in United Kingdom but start from 1974, it is also available in the United States. In today Interval International vs RCI article, we will try to give you information regarding these two providers, so you can pick which one seems to attract your attention the most. If you are interested, go check our article below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What are Interval International and RCI
– What Interval International and RCI Membership can offer to you
– What is Interval International and RCI Points
– Interval International vs RCI

About Interval International
As you may already know, Interval International has been around since many years ago and it actually used to be in the same house as the competitor RCI, which we are going to talk later. The company is said to be acquired by Marriott Vacations Worldwide in April 2018. To use the company program, you have to join for membership first, so you can exchange to hundreds of other quality resorts. This membership has 3 levels: Interval International Membership, Interval Gold, and Interval Platinum.

Interval International Membership
With Interval International Membership, you can gain access to the numerous resorts worldwide when you change your vacation time. The Interval Gold holds every benefits or Interval basic membership but of course with added benefits. It give you ShortStay Exchange option, so you can trade your week for two vacations of 1 to 6 nights each, moreover if you are point’s base member, you will be able to take as many ShortStay Exchanges depend on your points.

This membership also offer Interval Options, which you can use to trade your week or points towards the purchase of a tour, spa, golf, hotels or even cruise. The third is Interval Platinum, which cover all the benefits in Gold plus numerous additional benefits, such as enjoy special amenities, trade for accommodation sourced directly by Interval, get up to 70% discount for hotels, and many more.

Interval International Points
As it has been mentioned earlier, Interval International has timeshare point system and when you join this program, your membership type will be changed into Club Interval Gold, which is different than Interval Gold. You will get these points if you own a timeshare week that has been enrolled in the program and then deposit the week with II. The key that you have to know first before joining is the grid, which determines how many points you get when you deposit your week.

The points are decided by Trade Demand Index and your unit size; the highest or larger they go, the points you will get will also be higher. As you can expect, TDI is affected by High season and holiday, so it will be higher in those times. Other factors that decide your points is quality of your resort accommodations. Another thing you may want to remember is your points only good for up to 2 years before they gone expired.

The points you get can be exchanged for numerous options and just like how your points decided by the grid, you also have to sacrifice the amounts of points for you option according to the grid. If you pick short stays, weekly nights will cost 10% while the weekend will cost 25% of the weekly point.

About RCI
RCI is also a timeshare company that has more than 4300 affiliated resorts in around 110 countries worldwide. The company was founded at the same time with Interval International in 1947 and also the rival until nowadays. Similar like II, the company requires you to join the membership to exchange your timeshare, but they only have 2 levels, which is the RCI Weeks membership and the Platinum. It also has points system to allow you trade it with numerous options.

RCI Membership
RCI Weeks membership allow you to deposit your owned weeks of RCI-affiliated resorts into the vacation exchange program, so you can book another week/s at other place that has the same value or even more and if you want to settle for less, you can get more time than you trade. The upgraded version of the regular level is Platinum membership that has all the original benefit but with added with access to a range of RCI product privileges.

For example, you can deposit as close as 6 months prior to the start of their week and automatically receive full deposit trading power, money back in a credit on your account, special additional 10% discount for all non-RCI Platinum member exclusive Extra Vacation, platinum cruise discounts, and Priority access, which give you access to exchange vacations at selected place even when they are not made available for regular member exchange. Read also: Couples Negril vs Couples Swept Away here.

RCI Points
As it has been mentioned earlier, RCI also has point system. When you choose to upgrade your regular membership to point membership, you can exchange your timeshare for points and together with the exchange fee, you can use these points to book at another RCI affiliated resorts or RCI Points Partner products, such as attraction tickets, car hire, and hotel stays.

Similar like those side that we have talked in II points, you can book your vacation with points value equal to yours, less, or more depend on what you want to settle. If you want higher value, the time will be shorter as well as if it lower, you can get more time in your vacation or even booked 2 vacations or more.

Now, let’s compare Interval Exchange with RCI. From the membership, II has more types at 3 levels besides the point membership while RCI only has 2. RCI also has different account logins for their Weeks and Points membership while II only use 1 account. In the booking windows, you can book 10 months in advance with RCI while II allow it up to 2 years. Another difference is you can sell your RCI points while ll currently don’t offer this option.

Interval International vs RCI

Interval InternationalRCI
– More affordable membership– A little more expensive membership
– More membership levels– Less membership levels
– No separate membership– Separate accounts for regular and points
– Can’t sell points membership– Can sell points membership
– Less transparent filtering– Transparent filtering

All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, both are just the bridges to your exchange and since they don’t manage the resort you are aiming, there is no guarantee you will get the best experience in each exchange. However, we prefer RCI better because they have more inventories to choose, pretty transparent filtering, and you can sell the points if you want.

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