Ibiza vs Mallorca


Who can’t resist beautiful beaches and magnificent scenery of Ibiza and Mallorca. These islands are two of the most popular tourist destinations in Spain that always bring many people from all around the world to experience the islands nature as well as historic places. To help you decide your next holiday spot, we are going to provide some information regarding both islands, so you can match them with your taste.

In this article we are going to give you information about:
– What is Ibiza and Mallorca
– How is the Transportation in Ibiza and Mallorca
– What you can do in Ibiza and Mallorca
– Ibiza vs Mallorca

About Ibiza
Ibiza is an island under Spain territory located between Barcelona and Algiers. If you look it at the map, this island look very small, but it is actually the third largest Balearic Islands, which is an autonomous community of Spain. When you hear the name Ibiza, people will most likely to relate it into nightlife and electronic music. The island has Hot-summer Mediterranean climate bordering on a Hot semi-arid climate with average temperature around 18 degree Celsius and the rain usually happened from November to April.

Transportation in Ibiza
The most popular way to Ibiza from overseas is by plane, the airport is located approximately 7 kilometers from the town and it connect the island to most Europe countries. You may also use boat from Barcelona to cross the sea to Ibiza. On the island you can move around by Bus since it serves almost all major resorts as well as popular beaches. You may also use Taxi or rent a car or motorbikes instead to move more freely.

Attraction in Ibiza
Here are some recommended activities in Ibiza:
– Try visiting the infamous EsVedra for its breathtaking view especially as the sun sets behind it.
– Beach people should never pass Cala Comte with its sand beach, rocky coves and calm waters that making it always packed with people.
– Visit the UNESCO World Heritage Dalt Vila. Here you can find Catedral de Eivissa with its Catalan Gothic styles as well as many restaurants, bars and shops to explore. For more amazing destinations, check our article on Cozumel vs Playa del Carmen here.

About Mallorca
Mallorca or Majorca is an island in the Balearic Islands under Spain territory as well as the largest island above Formentera and Ibiza. Its capital is called Palma, which is the capital of the autonomous community of the Balearic Islands. Being one of the most popular tourist destination in Spain, the Island is always packed with tourist from various countries especially from German and United Kingdom. The island has Mediterranean climate with average temperature around 16 degree Celsius while the hottest temperature may reach 29 degree Celsius.

Transportation in Mallorca
The main way to get to Mallorca is by plane to its Son Sant Joan Airport around 8 kilometers east of Palma. When on the island you can move around using Taxi or try the inland railway services for it connect Palma to your resort. Mallorca vintage tourist train also a great option to reach Soller and Port de Soller from Palma. Another options are Buses or rent a car and drive it yourself to move more freely.

Attraction in Mallorca
Here are some recommended activities taken from Telegraph that you can do in Mallorca:
– Try visiting La Seu, which is a massive Gothic cathedral as well as the signature of Mallorca’s capital Palma.
– Try riding vintage train from Palma to a pretty town called Soller since you will be presented with a string of tunnels cutting through Tramuntana Mountains, pine forests, olive groves, and citrus orchards.
– Wine lovers should visit Binissalem, which is the home for local wine, such as Manto Negro, Callet (red wines), and Moll (white wines).

Now, let’s compare Ibiza with Mallorca. From the beach, Mallorca has quitter beaches while Ibiza is suitable for those who love to people-watch. From the food Ibiza offers many international dish while in Mallorca you will be presented with Mallorca’s cuisine that mostly made with pork. From the nightlife, Ibiza offer modern music suitable for bachelor/bachelorette party while Mallorca offer you a live music with calmer nuance.

Ibiza vs Mallorca

– Better nightlife– Calmer nightlife
– Better beaches for people who want an urban feel– Better beaches for quiet places seeker
– Have more international foods– Authentic Mallorca food

All in all, the decision is all yours to make. We do think it is great if you can visit both places, but if you have to choose for only one. You should match your taste with the destination; if nightlife is what you are looking for, Ibiza is the perfect choice but if a calming nuance and authentic food sounds better to you, Mallorca won’t disappoint you.

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