Haneda vs Narita


There are two major airports near Tokyo where a tourist favorite to land the world especially Asia. First is the Haneda Airport is Narita Airport. What’s the difference? Actually the airport open for international routes in advance are Narita, Haneda new then. Haneda Airport is located closer to Tokyo. Haneda is only 11 minutes away from the city center. But it’s not enough to explain the difference between Haneda vs. Narita, therefore, we make it into one particular article that we hope can help you in determining the right decision at a later time or even when you are on vacation and want to pay a visit to Japan.

History of Haneda
Haneda is opened in 1931, Haneda Airport is located in Ota, Tokyo which is much closer than at Narita. From the airport, you can more easily go to hotels or tourist destination you want because access to trains, buses and taxis can also be obtained easily. The advantage of arriving from Haneda Airport are you are closer to some attractions such as Akihabara, Shinjuku, Shibuya, and many more which give You more time to tour around the city if you arrive late in the afternoon today.

In Shibuya, you could see a very famous statue of Hachiko, where the famous crossing in Shibuya, Shibuya 109 and many more. There is also a National Park Shinjuku Gyoen is beautiful, a great restaurant like Alice in Wonderland, the restaurant of the Robot and others located in Shinjuku. There is also the famous Akihabara city with themed maid café (maid) and a center of electronics in Japan.

Access in Haneda
First, you should know that the international terminal and domestic terminal of Haneda Airport are in different locations. So when should to Haneda Airport from the city center should note that down in the international terminal. If you take a train, the international airport is located at one station before the domestic terminal. Second, if you want to get out of Haneda Airport to the city center, you can take a variety of transportation modes.

Transportation modes that can be selected is monorail, airport limousine and taxi. You can choose the third mode of transportation in accordance with the budget and further destinations. When you want to access the city of Metropolitan Tokyo, you can choose to ride the bus.

Buses in Haneda Airport is operated by the two companies namely Limousine buses and Keihin Kyukyou Bus. Both have routes, travel time and fares. If you ride the monorail to the center of Tokyo takes about 30-45 minutes and have to transit in advance. You can take the Tokyo Monorail ticket prices with 490 yen station Hamamatsu-cho for 20 minutes. Followed by JR Line Tokyo station. Rates of 160 yen by 6 minutes to travel time to Tokyo station. The last option is to take a taxi. If you want to have more goals and budget, choose a taxi. You can simply order a taxi at the airport departure area, a great selection of taxi in accordance with your destinations.

History of Narita
In 1972, the Narita Airport opened to serve international flights. The international airport is located in Chiba Prefecture, which took one and a half hours from Tokyo by using the 72-minute bus or train ride away. One of the reasons why some people choose this airport is because several airlines offering cheaper flights. From Narita, you can go to Tokyo by Keisei bus ride only with the price of 1,140 yen and 1,000 yen if you choose to ride the train. Although it is located one hour from central Tokyo, there are several popular tourist destinations in the region. Some of them are no Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo, It Parks and Naritasan Temple of Makata.

Access in Narita
Although Narita is located quite far from central Tokyo you guys don’t have to worry about having trouble finding mode of transportation when arriving at Narita Airport. Starting from Bus to rail is available in the airport with prices that vary. If you decide to use expressways to and from Narita Airport, there are two options: Narita Express and Skyliner. Both are easily accessible at the station located at Narita Airport. Different is the second stop of the train station, we recommend you specify options depending on the place you stay.

Narita Express trains will terminate at Tokyo station before continuing the trip to Yokohama, while the final dismissal of Keisei Ueno Station is the Skyliner. If you stay in Tokyo for the past in the area of Ueno, Skyliner is the right choice. However, if your hostel is closer to Tokyo station, you better use the Narita Express. The main reason is because dragging suitcases at the train station in Tokyo is not an easy thing, especially during peak hours.

Pros and Cons
Pros of arriving and departing at Haneda International Airport such as the airport is much closer to central Tokyo than Narita Airport and the public transportation options are cheaper than Narita Airport. While the cons are about limited options for international flights, trains leaving the airport for central Tokyo require transfer, and be one of the busiest airports in the world.

Pros of arriving and departing at Narita International Airport, are such as larger selection of international airlines that land and depart, has more public transportation options to central Tokyo, and also allows direct access to many major stations. The cons itself are further away from central Tokyo, and the public transportation options are more expensive.

Haneda vs Narita

– It was opened in 1931– It was opened in 1972
– It is located in Ota– It is located in Chiba Prefecture
– It is close to tourism attractions– It is located in Chiba Prefecture

Fly in to Haneda vs Narita? Haneda Airport was initially positioned as the airport for domestic flights, until later in the year 2010 opened for international flights and the airport the low cost carrier. The aircraft at the airport comes from about 40 airlines. While Narita Airport from early indeed positioned as the airport for international flights with more than 80 airlines flying from this airport. We know that it is even a difficult decision to make. Actually, if you are in Tokyo, if you choose Narita, then you trip will be far enough. but apart from that, both airports seem very similar to each other. How about Haneda? Haneda is definitely much closer to the Urban area, you can google it yourself about Urban area. One thing to care more about are early morning departures or late evening arrivals from or even to Haneda as those don’t connect with public transport from/to Tokyo.

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