Guadeloupe vs Martinique


Guadeloupe and Martinique are two popular destinations in France overseas islands. both places offer a natural ambiance tropical country as well as beautiful beaches in every corner. It is great if you can visit both, but if you only have time to try one of them, you may want to check our article below to help you decide, which is the most suitable for you.

In this article we are going to give you information about:
– What is Guadeloupe and Martinique
– How is the Transportation in Guadeloupe and Martinique
– What you can do in Guadeloupe and Martinique
– Guadeloupe vs Martinique

About Guadeloupe
Guadeloupe is islands located in the Leeward Islands under France territory. Its two main islands are called Basse Terre to the west and Grande Terre to the east. Both islands, which often referred as single island is separated with a narrow strait that you can crossed with a bridge. Taken from Wikipedia, the climate in Guadeloupe is tropical with two seasons; wet and dry. The average temperature is around 26 degree Celsius and its wet season happened between July and December.

Transportation in Guadeloupe
You can fly to Guadeloupe straight from several cities in the US including New York, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Providence, and Atlanta. You also can reach the islands by boat from Martinique, Dominica, Sint Luca, Marie Galante, and Les Saintes. When in Guadeloupe, you can move around using public transportation like Bus, but you have to know some France to use it. They also have Taxi, but for better experience we recommend you to rent car instead, so you can move freely.

Attraction in Guadeloupe
Here is some recommended activities in Guadeloupe:
– Try visit Guadeloupe National Park, here you will be presented with 74.100 acre rainforest with picturesque walking traces, a magnificent waterfalls as well as the summit of La Soufriere volcano.
– Beach people should try walking on Marie Galante Island, where you will be presented with unspoiled scenery of isolated island.
– Another great view is located in Les Saintes, not only it offers beautiful beaches, you will also found a variety of bistros and shops.

About Martinique
Martinique is an island located in Lesser Antilles in eastern Caribbean Sea. Christopher Columbus named the island as Madinina, which means Island of Flowers, but through the influence of its neighboring island Dominica, it becomes known as Martinique. The cuisine here is a hybrid between African, French, Carib Amerindian and South Asian Tradition with Roman Catholic as its main religion. The temperature is not too hot in the island around 23 degree Celsius on average while its rainy season happen between May to December.

Transportation in Martinique
You can fly straight to Martinique from Miami, New York, Boston or Baltimore. You also can reach the island from its neighbor islands like Guadeloupe, St. Lucia, and Dominica by ferry boats. When you already on the island, you can move around by public transportation like Bus or Taxi. You may also rent a car if you want to move freely within the island. The most affordable is using ferry boats to travel from Fort-de-France, Point du Bout, Anse-Mitan and Anse-a-l’Ane.

Attractions in Martinique
Here are some recommended activities when you are visiting Martinique:
– Try visiting AnseCafard Slave Memorial, which is one of the most popular spot for tourists to take pictures.
– Try visiting Schoelcher Library, which has a unique design and definitely worth the time to explore and learn about the history.
– Beach people should try Les Salines. Not only the water is calm enough for your children to play around, there are also many food vendors offering you Martiniqua is treats. For another holiday destination recommendations, watch video on Bora Bora vs Fiji:

Now, let’s compare Guadeloupe with Martinique. Both places are beautiful on their own and different people may have different taste when it comes to holiday destination. You can plan your visit to Guadeloupe easier for it has National Park, botanical Garden, and Beaches as well as easier access to its nightlife. At the other hand, Martinique offers smaller area packed with hidden gems from rivers to cascading waterfalls.

Guadeloupe vs Martinique

– Easier for building tourist itinerary– Better for family
– Have more bars and nightlife– Have many hidden gems, so you have to dig in deeper
– Wider than Martinique and may consume more times– Not as wide as Guadeloupe

All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, it would be great if you have enough time to visit both places. But if you only have enough time to visit one, we will recommend you Guadeloupe since it is easier to find tourist spots there.

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