5 top attractions in Porto

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Top travel sites to visit in Porto: Anyone staying in Porto for a few days should check out the cultural program on offer at this fabulous international concert venue. The ‘Music House’ is celebrated as much for its radical design as the calibre of the entertainment it hosts. Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas kicked convention into touch when he was commissioned to create a building that would propel the city headlong into the 21st century. This he achieved to great acclaim, and the best way to appreciate his triumph is to attend one of the many gigs staged within its bleached, odd-sided skin. All musical tastes are catered for, anything from classical and fado, to jazz and hip-hop. World-class acts performing here include the late Lou Reed, who played the opening night back in 2005. Another way to glimpse the interior is to walk up to the top-floor restaurant. On the menu of Mediterranean influenced cuisine is an inspiring panorama across Porto’s busy Boavista neighborhood. But for an unhurried, up-close-and-personal view join a guided tour. Otherwise, amble over here at dusk when the venue is washed with floodlight for a truly abstract perspective of this extraordinary structure.

Porto Cathedral: Porto’s Cathedral is the city’s most important church. Built in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, it’s a national monument. Look out for the gothic cloister, the chapel frescoes, the Teixeira Lopes sculpture in the baptistery and the medieval portrait of Our Lady of Vandoma, the city’s patron saint. When locals talk about the ‘Se’, they don’t just mean the cathedral: the name also applies to the historic district at Porto’s heart. Wander its streets, keep Google Maps turned off and you’ll thank us for it.

We intend to do a practical guide with Information about transports (metro, airport, taxis), sights, museums, things to do, eat and much more. See extra info on Porto sightseeing. Porto is close to a beautiful coastline of large sandy beaches and traditional resort towns. Porto is on the border of two distinct beach regions with the Costa Verde to the north of the Douro river and the Costa Prata to the south. Many of these beaches can be easily reached via public transport and a holiday to Porto can easily be combined with a beach holiday. The two best beaches are Mansantos and Espinho.

While technically its own city, Vila Nova de Gaia is situated just across the Douro from Porto and is woven into the city’s fabric both by a series of bridges as well as its shared history of port-wine making. The most popular tourist attraction in Gaia are the Port Wine Cellars, warehouses where the famous Port wine is stored. The Cellars are placed in Ribeira de Gaia, an area of the city located in the bank of River Douro opposite Porto. Ribeira de Gaia has also some excellent restaurants, particularly in Cais de Gaia. Even if you are not in visiting the cellars, you should visit Ribeira the Gaia in order to get some amazing views of Porto.

Experience Livraria Lello, This bookstore is one of the most beautiful in the world and has become extra famous as one of JK Rowling’s favorite haunts when she lived in Porto (and began developing the Harry Potter series). There is no doubt that the Livraria Lello & Irmao, which has been in business since 1906, is one of Porto’s most popular and busiest landmarks; there is even a cover charge to enter. Centrally located, near the locals’ favorite Piolho Cafe and a block from Igreja do Carmo, it’s easy to find, but be prepared to stand in a line to enter.