Coast Starlight vs Cascades


Are you confused in choosing between Coast Starlight and Cascades? You have come to the right place! In the article below, we are going to see the differences and comparisons between Coast Starlight and Cascades. Both Coast Starlight and Cascades are passenger trains operated by Amtrak that go through more or less similar routes. However, Coast Starlight is usually considered as a higher class train, whereas Cascades is more of a regular train. So, what are exactly the differences between Coast Starlight and Cascades?

Coast Starlight
Unlike Cascades, Coast Starlight only operates once daily. The train starts from Seattle, Washington, stops at 28 stations, and ends in Los Angeles, California. So, the total traveled distance is 1377 miles or 2216 kilometers. The average journey time from the starting point to the final stop is 34 hours 44 minutes. There are three classes available, consisting of the Sleeper Service, Business Class, and Coach Class. There are seating arrangements for the Business Class and Coach Class, as well as several bedroom options for the Sleeper Service. (See Also: Carnival Elation vs Conquest).

Compared to Cascades, Coast Starlight indeed has a lot more features. It has the Sightseer Lounge Car, which as bigger windows to let you see the scenery outside. It also has a Hi-Level lounge intended for Sleeping Car passengers, named Pacific Parlour Car. There, you can enjoy movies and some wine tasting. There are also dining and cafe facilities for all passengers.

On the other hand, the Amtrak Cascades has several trains operating daily. The passenger train route starts from Vancouver, south to Seattle, continuing via Portland to end in Eugene. There are two daily trains that operate between Vancouver and Seattle, four between Seattle and Portland, and two between Seattle/Portland and Eugene. The train received its name from the Cascade mountain range which the route parallels.

Compared to Coast Starlight, you will actually see pretty much the same views on Cascades, considering that the routes are similar. However, Cascades is more of a commuter train, but there are lounge/dining and cafe cars to keep you full and happy during the trip.

If you are only interested in getting to your destination fast, quick, and efficient, then Cascades should be your choice. The train route is quite comfortable. However, if you want to enjoy your time on the train, then you should choose Coast Starlight. The various features offered are very nice and pleasant.

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