Carnival Elation vs Conquest


So, you are looking for a new way to spend your holiday? Taking a cruise can be a very fun and refreshing experience. On a cruise, there are various entertainment options that you can try and visit, and you can also meet new people. Carnival is one of the most popular cruising companies in the United States, so you can try one of their cruise ships to begin your cruising experience. In the following article, we are going to discuss the differences between Carnival Elation and Carnival Conquest, two cruise ships that do have some similarities. If you want to know whether you should choose Carnival Elation or Carnival Conquest, continue reading below!

Source: Cruise Hive

The Ships
Let us start by comparing the ships themselves. Carnival Elation is actually a rather smaller cruise ship, as it can only take up to 2054 guests and 920 onboard crews. The total length of the ship is 855 feet. On the other hand, Carnival Conquest is significantly bigger. Its length measures by 953 feet and it has lots of balconies. It can take a lot more passengers, up to 2980 guests, along with 1150 onboard crews. Some people like Carnival Conquest’s more varying demography, whereas some others prefer Carnival Elation’s more intimate atmosphere.

Departing Points and Destinations
Both ships depart from FL, but Carnival Elation departs from Jacksonville whereas Carnival Conquest departs from Fort Lauderdale. In addition, Carnival Elation only cruises to Bahamas and Caribbean, whereas Carnival Conquest offers cruises to Bahamas, Carribean, and Bermuda. Their voyages vary between 2-5 days and 6-9 days depending on the destination and environmental conditions. (See also : Carnival Elation vs Dream)

Indeed, Carnival Conquest is coming with more features and entertainment options, but any person who has tried more than one Carnival cruise ship will tell you that they are all more or less the same. Carnival Conquest has more dining options than Carnival Elation, featuring the Seafood Shack, Bluelguana Cantina, Steakhouse, and Comfort Kitchen. Carnival Conquest also has Cooking Demonstration and Alchemy Martini Tasting, two activities that Carnival Elation lacks. Carnival Conquest has rum bar, tequila bar, and alchemy bar. On the other hand, though, Carnival Elation has a beer station. Finally, Carnival Conquest has the CLUE: The Murder Mystery game, which can be a very fun activity to play. Carnival Elation has the Serenity adult-only retreat.

All in all, Carnival Conquest seems to be a better choice than Carnival Elation, especially due to the number of features available. Still, if you prefer fewer people on the ship, then Carnival Elation can be a very nice alternative.

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