Car-Rental Hotwire vs Priceline


The car rental Hotwire and Priceline have become the primary choices that people go to when it comes to planning the transportation for a vacation or business travel. With the online methods nowadays, these two companies offer quick, effective, and practical ways to rent a car. They also offer better, more efficient prices. However, the car rental Hotwire and Priceline are actually quite different from each other. So, what’s the difference? Which is the car rental service provider that is the best for you?

Source: ReidsEngland

Ordering Methods
These two companies are already different even from the booking methods. On Priceline, the most well-known method is the “Name Your Own Price”. Here, you can state how much you are willing to pay for the rental car, and then Priceline will inform you about the available rental cars that suit your budget, if any – which is great if you have a specific amount of budget for transportation, and you can’t go above the limit. (See Also: Turo vs Getaround)

Nevertheless, the service is opaque, meaning that you can’t know exactly what the car rental company is before you accept the offer. But there is another ordering method available. Priceline also lets you search its listings of rental cars; this way, Priceline shows the car owners.

On the other hand, however, the car rental Hotwire does not require you to make a bidding. Instead, the posted pricing model clearly lists the cars and the corresponding prices. Still, the service is opaque, so you will not be able to know precisely what the car rental company is until you accept the offer.

Being online agencies, both the car rental Hotwire and Priceline do offer lower and more affordable prices relative to the traditional counterparts. Still, you may find it easier to find a car that suits your budget on Priceline rather than on Hotwire, due to the “Name Your Own Price” service. The pricing of Priceline tends to be cheaper if you book 7 – 10 days ahead, whereas the Hotwire is more suitable for the more advanced reservations.

Vehicle Availability
Both companies have made agreements with the real car rental companies, and considering their large networks, cars are almost always available on both Hotwire and Priceline.

Priceline is great if you are on a strict budget or if you need the car quite soon. On the other hand, Hotwire can be more cost-efficient if you book the car in advance.

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