Brookfield Zoo vs Lincoln Park Zoo


Spending holiday with your family and children are a great way to ha a quality time together. You can bring your family to a trip overseas, try newly build theme park, or stuck to the traditional way by visiting a Zoo. Zoo is not only interesting for adults but also has educational side by introducing your children to a variety of animals they can’t encounter in daily life. In today Brookfield Zoo vs Lincoln Park Zoo, we are going to compare both places to help you pick which will suit your preference better.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What are Brookfield Zoo and Lincoln Park Zoo
– What Brookfield Zoo and Lincoln Park Zoo can offer to you
– Brookfield Zoo vs Lincoln Park Zoo

About Brookfield Zoo
Brookfield Zoo is located in Chicago suburb of Brookfield, Illinois and currently the house of around 450 species of animals spread along 216 acres, which makes it larger than Lincoln Park. The Zoo is quite old since it was built in 1934 and gain much popularity because instead of using cages to separates those animals, the zoo choose to use moats and ditches instead. It also the first zoo in America to exhibit giant pandas. It is owned by the Cook County Forest Preserve District but managed by the Chicago Zoological Society. This organization also sponsored numerous research and conversations efforts around the world.

Brookfield Zoo Animal & Attraction
Just as expected from a Zoo, there are so many animals you can see here from those you occasionally meets in the wild to those that required special efforts to encounter. Here in Brookfield Zoo, there are big cats, bears, dolphins, penguins, primates, bison, wolf, amphibians, wombat, giraffe, kangaroo, rhinoceros, seals, eagle, and Zebra. A few years ago in 2104, the zoo had successfully breed the fishing cat for the first time since 1998 with a male fishing cat kitten.

Just like many other zoos out there, you can enjoy several events here depend on when you visit, so check Brookfield Zoo before your visit to know what’s currently happening. There are also plenty of attractions you can enjoy and the 3D theater being the newest of them all. For those who are interested in spiders, try Arachnids to get more information about this eight-legged creatures into variety of genres. However, the most popular attraction here is still the dolphin show.

Children also like the Hamill Family Wild Encounters that is suitable for all ages and here you can get the first hand experiences like the opportunities to touch and feed animals including parakeets and goats. There are also llamas, alpacas, red pandas, wallabies, and reindeer for additional up-close encounter.

When visiting a zoo, one thing that you may want to know is how the dining and shopping round the area is. Here in Brookfield Zoo, you may bring your own food and water to the zoo even using a pull wagon or cart. However, if you don’t want to prepare all of those beforehand, inside the zoo are featured with numerous food options from grab snacks on the go or sit down with family for larger filling meal. To remember your visit, get a merchandise from the zoo, so you can help them feed and care for those beautiful animals.

About Lincoln Park Zoo
Lincoln Park Zoo is a zoo located at Lincoln Park in Chicago, Illinois. The zoo has been around for a pretty long time because it was built in 1869, which makes it one of the oldest zoo in North America. It has some free admission zoos in the United States and also an accredited member of AZA. The Zoo is said to have a large amount of animals from 200 species and is the land of burr oak tree that has been there 3 years before the city was founded.

Lincoln Park Zoo Animal & Exhibitions
Similar like many big zoos in the United States, there are so many animals here. There are mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians. The recent arrivals at the zoo are white-blotched river stingray, guinea hogs, giraffe, African penguin, polar bear, de brazza’s monkey, plain zebras, and many more. If you plan to visit now until October, you can experience the zoo from inside with penguins strolling right bedside your feet. Watch these cute animals as they are wandering around and get more information about their daily lives at the zoo and on southern African coast.

Not just the penguin, there are numerous other attractions here, such as the Arctic polar bears, macaque forest, African apes, antelope, zebra, waterfowl lagoon, and many more. Another important thing to consider is the food and beverage availability in the area. What’s great is you can bring your own food and drink into the zoo if you don’t want to spend more and it is also more convenient for you if you brought a large family member. For another holiday recommendation check our article on Wet n Wild vs Aquatica here.

If you don’t want to prepare beforehand, you can dine Patio at Café Brauer, Eadie Levy’s Landmark Cafe or Park Palace Café. Many people loves Lincoln Park Zoo because it is free, which means you don’t have to pay to enjoy the zoo. It is operated as non-profit institutions that depends on its donors, visitors, and members to remains free and open every day all year around, so you can visit it anytime you want.

Now, let’s compare Brookfield Zoo with Lincoln Park Zoo. Both of them are great and open every day for more convenience scheduling. The prominent difference between should be the price to access the zoo because Brookfield’s admission is around $22 for adults while Lincoln is free. From size, Brookfield is larger than Lincoln Park and has more animals. From parking, Brookfield is cheaper, moreover if you have seasonal pass.

From location, since Brooklyn is in Suburbs there will be less traffic unlike Lincoln Park that located in the city. From the food, Brookfield is better because they have numerous options and people also prefer the food quality in Brookfield than in Lincoln Park

Brookfield Zoo vs Lincoln Park Zoo

Brookfield ZooLincoln Park
– Not free– Free
– Better food– Less food options
– Larger than Lincoln Park– Smaller than Brookfield
– Has more animal– Has less animal
– Cheaper parking– Pricier parking
– Located in Suburb– Located in the city

All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, both of them are great and you should pick whichever meets your preference or more convenient for you. However, if what you are looking for is the collections of animals, Brookfield has more animal, so we think it is better than Lincoln Park.

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