Aquatica vs Nauticam


You are about to go snorkeling or diving, and you want to take your trusty DSLR camera with you. Well, you should not forget to equip your camera with a decent waterproof housing! It will allow you to operate the camera underwater. There are several brands of waterproof housings available on the market, but two of the most popular ones are Aquatica and Nauticam. Which one is the better choice? Below, we’ll see the comparisons between Aquatica vs Nauticam, using their housings for Canon 7D as the samples.

Source: SeaWorld

Design and Quality
Both the Aquatica and Nauticam housings have excellent build quality. They both have strong handles. Each has three threaded holes where you can attach tripods or trays. Each also has a port lock which prevents the ports from turning once installed. While the Aquatica uses a conventional bayonet port mounting, the Nauticam comes with an innovative system which only requires the port to be pushed in – an internal locking ring will rotate to lock it in place.

The Aquatica has three points on the top where you can attach focus lights and strobe arms. There are two latches which hold the housing, but these latches tend to be irritating because they are difficult to move. The Nauticam has four points, placed on the handles and sides. In addition, if you use Nauticam ports, you can have a fifth connection where you can put a focus light on the base adapter. It has three latches that area easier to work with.

The Aquatica housing has a standard viewfinder, which is rather small and narrow. However, you can still get the entire view from your camera’s viewfinder if you hold the camera right in front of your diving mask, pressing it against the back of the housing.

The Nauticam certainly comes with a better viewfinder. It is much wider, allowing you to get the full view without having to press the housing against your mask. It is also more tolerant to the eye position. You can purchase the 180-degree magnifying viewfinder, which is awesome.

If we compare the controls of Aquatica vs Nauticam, we will see several differences. But the Nauticam once again is on the top. It has better ergonomics and controls.

The shutter release of Nauticam is especially great. It has a mechanical feedback which allows you to feel the shutter coming into contact with the shutter release. On the other hand, the Aquatica housing does not give any feedback, and the shutter release return spring is quite stiff.

Both Aquatica and Nauticam produce many products for different depths. However, Aquatica has the deep spring option which is waterproof up to 500 ft. On the other hand, Nauticam is only rated to 100 ft. So, if you want to go any deeper than 100 ft, you should consider getting the Aquatica housing for your camera.

If you plan to dive deeper than 100 ft, you should choose the Aquatica housing that is rated to 500 ft. Otherwise, Nauticam is generally better. It has better design, features, and ergonomics.

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