American Tourister vs Samsonite


Choosing the right luggage is one important part of the preparation of any travel. A good choice will last for a long time, giving you a great value for the money. A bad choice does not only spend your money, it may also bring problems into your trip. If you are looking for the best luggage brand available in the market, you’ll be looking at American Tourister vs Samsonite. These two brands are considered by many people as the best in terms of value and price. So, which one is better?


Size and Weight
Both American Tourister and Samsonite are available in various sizes. In general, their products can be classified into three groups: 20–21”, 24–25”, and 28–29”. The first group gives you viable options if you are looking for a small carry-on that you can bring along to your seat in the plane. The second group consists of mid-size suitcases that are suitable for a single person for a week’s travel. The third group has the largest suitcases that are suitable for longer trips and multi-people trips.

Some Samsonite’s suitcases are very lightweight. If you need a light suitcase that you can lift without much power and can be navigated easily, Samsonite can give you very attractive choices. On the other hand, American Tourister also has some lightweight options, but it does not go as light as Samsonite. See also: Swiss Gear vs Samsonite Luggage.

Do you want a sleek and stylish luggage? Or do you prefer something simple that will not attract much attention? In general, Samsonite is the flashier brand. It has more fashion-oriented designs. Samsonite’s suitcases often have classy trimmings as well as modern curves. The designs are also neat and just right, with very good placements of pockets and zippers. The telescopic handles are also very nice.

On the other hand, American Tourister is a very competent brand, but the style is more plain and conventional. The suitcases have more work-a-day atmosphere. The build quality is very good, though.

The next difference between American Tourister vs Samsonite is regarding the TSA-approved locks and spinner wheels. Samsonite models all have spinner wheels that are solid and durable. These spinner wheels will allow you to move smoothly and effortlessly. Some people love spinner wheels, some others don’t. The reason why some people dislike spinner wheels is because they tend to be less stable.

Furthermore, many Samsonite models come with built-in TSA-approved locks. This is a great feature. You will not have to purchase a separate TSA-approved lock for your suitcase.

American Tourister does not have a built-in TSA-lock. Not all models are equipped with spinner wheels. Usually, spinner wheels are only available on the higher models.

Samsonite’s suitcases tend to be more expensive. This is because the designs and features. In addition, Samsonite has been trying to compete against the luxury brands, so the higher pricing is not entirely surprising. On the other hand, American Tourister’s prices are generally lower and more competitive, as it is more of a conventional brand.

Both American Tourister and Samsonite are decent suitcase brands. If you prefer a more stylish and lightweight design with a built-in TSA lock and spinner wheels, Samsonite makes a good choice. Otherwise, if you are more concerned with the value per money ratio, American Tourister will give you the most satisfaction.

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