A Frozen Marvel: Sweden’s Ice Hotel


Every November in the village of Jukkasjärvi, Northern Sweden, a structure is created by spraying snow on huge inverted catenary shaped steel forms. Giant blocks of ice, which have been harvested from the nearby frozen River Torne, are then transported to the structure where they are sculpted and shaped to create an incredible Ice hotel complex complete with a reception area, main hall, church, bar and rooms for over 100 guests.


Entrance to the Ice Hotel


Ice Hotel Church

The ice begins to melt in April, returning to the river from which it came where it will re-freeze and become part of next season’s project. The hotel is continually being rebuilt and due to this the hotel has an ever changing landscape with new designs and features every year. Artists from all over the world apply to design a suite in this famous hotel, with up to forty artists working on the hotel in any given year.


The hotel features facilities you would expect in any hotel, with an extra twist of course. Dine in the gourmet restaurant, the only building that isn’t made of ice but instead serves its dishes on plates made of crystal ice, or enjoy a cocktail and relax in the Icebar where the glasses are all made of ice.


The Ice Bar

flickr/Kristin Repsher

One of the hotel suites

The suites are all designed with specific themes, from Northern Light suites to art themed suites, letting you drift off in simply stunning surroundings. If the cold accommodation isn’t to your taste the hotel offers warm accommodation nearby.


During the day there are plenty of activities to enjoy. Explore the incredible scenery by taking a tour on horseback or fly through the snow on a dogsled. For thrill seekers there are snowmobiles available to rent and ice driving lessons along a constructed ice track. If you are feeling creative try your hand at ice sculpting and create a masterpiece.


flickr/Timo Newton-Syms

Snowmobiles – one of the activities on offer near the hotel

When night time comes around remember to step outside and take in the extraordinary Northern Lights as they dance across the sky. The location of the hotel is ideal to see the Aurora in all its glory and considered one of the best viewing spots in the world.

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