Riviera Maya vs Cancun

Right now, if you’re planning a trip to Mexico but you still can’t decide between Riviera Maya vs Cancun. Maybe you would like to know what’s the big difference between Riviera Maya vs Cancun ? Which one to choose? Here we will guide you. Check this one out.

Riviera Maya
Riviera Maya is the section of Caribbean coastline stretching between Cancun in the north and Tulum in the south. The beaches and the nightlife are the main draws here, and though some visitors never leave their mega-resort, some of Mexico’s best Mayan ruins are a short drive away. Here, you can sunbathe and swim at beautiful beaches, snorkel in the world’s second largest coral reef, visit archaeological sites dating back to the 7th century A.D., go shopping, dine in great international restaurants, and party like a spring breaker — all in one day. The Riviera’s focal point, midway between Cancún and Tulum, is the town of Playa del Carmen, known generally as Playa, and a metaphor for this region’s recent, explosive development. Local people recall the tiny village in whose three streets, made of sand, the residents were outnumbered by monkeys; 25 years later, the population is over 120,000. The growth has been fuelled by the creation, to the south of Playa, of the resort area of Playacar, with massive hotels, a golf course and luxurious, well-hedged houses owned mainly by US retirees.

Take a look: Playa Del Carmen vs Cancun.

Cancun, which generates about one-third of Mexico’s tourism revenue, might be the least Mexican city in the country. You can spend your entire vacation without speaking a word of Spanish or exchanging a single dollar for pesos. This Cancun is a culture unto itself, an idyllic Caribbean cocoon where life consists of sipping margaritas on those legendary sands, shopping in glittering retail palaces, gyrating in thumping, all-night discos, and seeking fortification in an array of fine restaurants so you can do it all again the next day. It’s easy to get to, largely English-speaking, does business in dollars, and is well supplied with familiar international chains. It was designed from the ground up solely as an enclave of hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, golf courses, and marinas. The all-inclusive resorts that account for a large, and growing, percentage of Hotel Zone lodging eliminate the need to venture beyond their boundaries at all. This is vacationing at its purest.

Cancun is ideal for those coming for a very quick get a way. If shopping, off-resort restaurants, and nightlife are part of the holiday equation, Cancun may be the answer. If you prefer the more quiet and relaxed environment, then you should visit Riviera Maya. Besides that, most resorts in the Riviera Maya are bigger and more spread out, which is creates a more quiet and relaxing atmosphere. Overall, both are worth to visit to spend your holiday with your loved one.

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