Punta Cana vs Montego Bay

Many people agree that beaches make the best vacation places. There are many reasons why people love beaches. Some just love the sound of the ocean, some others enjoy the sun, some others want to relax while feeling the smooth breezes. And don’t forget about the sunsets! Two of the most popular vacation destinations in the world where people usually enjoy the beaches are Punta Cana and Montego Bay. These two places have different features, so make sure that you are aware of the differences between Punta Cana vs Montego Bay before you decide where to go!

First, the basics. Punta Cana is a resort town that is located in the municipal district of Punta Cana – Bavaro – Veron – Macao of the Dominican Republic. It is on the eastern end of the country, facing both the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. The best way to reach this place is by a direct flight to the Punta Cana International Airport. See also: Aruba vs Punta Cana!

On the other hand, Montego Bay is the capital city of the St. James parish of Jamaica. It is on the northern edge of the country, and is facing the Caribbean Sea. The city is served by the country’s largest airport, Sir Donald Sangster International Airport, so the best way to reach it is by a direct flight as well.

The Beaches
Now, let’s compare the beaches of Punta Cana vs Montego Bay. Although they both have beaches, they have different characteristics and features. In general, Punta Cana’s beaches are better. The shores stretch for long miles with nice sandy beaches where you can walk along. The natural beaches make great spots to relax.

On the other hand, Montego Bay is not really visited for the beaches. Montego Bay’s beaches are generally smaller. Many of the beaches are man-made. Still, if you do decide to visit Montego Bay, the beaches can be visited to add some varieties to your vacation.

Other Attractions
This is where Montego Bay excels. Punta Cana may have great beaches, but it does not have many other attractions. So, if you also want to enjoy other activities such as shopping, Punta Cana is not the best place.

On the other hand, Montego Bay can offer you a great experience with the music and vibe. Many people keep returning to this place to enjoy the atmosphere. In addition, Montego Bay also offers duty-free shops and stores where the retail outlets are exempt from the local taxes and duties. You will enjoy the shopping very much!

The People
In Punta Cana, you should stay within the all-inclusive resort. The area outside is not safe. The people are not as friendly, and the crime rate is quite high. On the other hand, Montego Bay’s local people are much friendlier, and the area is safer.

If you only want to enjoy beautiful beaches in an all-inclusive resort, you should go to Punta Cana. The beaches are truly beautiful. However, it does not have other attractions, and the area outside is not safe. On the other hand, Montego Bay makes a great place to visit if the beaches are not your primary priority. The people are friendlier, the area is safer, and the shopping, music, and vibe are really enjoyable.

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