Punta Cana vs Cabo

Are you confused in choosing between Punta Cana vs Cabo? Both are popular holiday destinations with amazing beaches. Punta Cana is located in the easternmost province of Dominican Republic, and is facing both the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. On the other hand, Cabo is a city located at the southern tip of the Baja California Peninsula of Mexico, and is considered as one of the country’s top five tourist destinations. However, the two places offer different attractions and will probably require different budget.

Punta Cana ‘s 100-km coastline is usually mildly windy. It has a tropical wet and dry climate, and the weather is fairly consistent throughout the year. From May to October, the season is hot and humid, and the average temperature is between 86-degree Fahrenheit and 95-degree Fahrenheit. From November to March, the place is quite cooler, and the evening temperatures are around 68-degree Fahrenheit. The area features savanna and mountains, and the mostly flat landscape has very little rain.

On the other hand, Cabo has a hot desert climate. Cabo’s average temperature is between 82 and 84 degree Fahrenheit in the summer months – warmer than Punta Cana vs Riviera Maya, and between 70 and 72 Fahrenheit in the winter months. Due to the position and orography, local thunderstorms do not bring rain close enough to the town, but hurricanes can bring heavy rain to the town for long periods of time.

Both Punta Cana vs Cabo have amazing beaches, but the characteristics are different. Punta Cana’s ocean waters are mostly shallows, and there are even several natural marine pools where you can bathe without danger. The beaches are swimmable, and the coastline has very smooth sand. There are various water activities around here, such as ziplining, catamaran sailing, racing speedboats, deep sea sports fishing, snorkeling, reef exploring, and swimming with dolphins, sharks, or stingrays. Many people come to Punta Cana for the water sports.

On the other hand, Cabo is known for its beautiful beaches, balnearios, scuba diving locations, and marine life. However, the swimmable beaches are only available on the main beach, El Medano. The rip tide can be very strong around Baja. The swimmable areas change from time to time with the tide, and are marked off by lifeguards. Cabo is more of a high-end luxury holiday destination, so you need to prepare more money here.

Other Activities
Punta Cana is mostly about the beaches and water activities. There are floating spas, four-wheeling, and horse riding, but there aren’t many other attractions. There are also good nightlife attractions. On the other hand, Cabo has lots of great bars and restaurants, as well as various nightlife clubs.

Both Punta Cana and Cabo are great holiday destinations. Punta Cana is great to visit between May and October, and there are various interesting activities here. It also does not require as much money, though you still have to prepare your budget. However, in the winter months, Cabo is a better place to visit due to the warmer air. There are great bars, restaurants, and nightlife clubs here.

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