Palazzo vs Wynn

Located in the Mojave Desert in Southern Nevada, Las Vegas is the largest city in the Nevada state. This city is famously known as the Entertainment Capital of the World, as it holds various mega-hotel/casino complexes in a fantasy-like environment. Well, you are probably confused right now whether to stay at Palazzo or Wynn. Both are famous hotels that are loved by many people. Both are situated on the Las Vegas Boulevard. So, which place is better? See the comparisons of Palazzo vs Wynn below!

The two hotels are located on the same road, but you may want to consider their precise locations if you want to be able to reach certain places easily by walking. Palazzo is on the southern side of the crossroad between Las Vegas Boulevard and Spring Mountain Road, whereas Wynn is on the northern side of the said crossroad.

Palazzo is located at 3325 S Las Vegas Boulevard, NV 89109. It is located in the same complex as the Venetian. The position makes it closer to the outdoor gondola rides and the Sands Expo Convention Center. It is also close to the Siegfried & Roy Monument.

On the other hand, Wynn is located at 3131 S Las Vegas Boulevard, NV 89109. It is in the same complex as the Encore – see the comparisons between Palazzo vs Encore in our previous article. Since it is located further north, it is closer to the Guardian Angel Cathedral. There is also a car rental nearby.

The Rooms
So, how do the rooms of Palazzo vs Wynn compare? Interestingly, these two hotels have different advantages. If you want to stay in a standard room, Palazzo is generally better. Palazzo’s standard rooms are larger, and are arguably better decorated. Palazzo’s standard rooms are also a little bit more affordable. However, if you want to stay in a higher-class room, you should choose Wynn. Wynn’s tower suites are awesome and very convenient. The services are great. Wynn’s tower suites are more recommended if you are going to stay for long, because you will have enough time to enjoy all the services and features.

Dining and Casino
In terms of dining options, Palazzo is better. It has wider varieties of dining options for various price levels. The foods are great. On the other hand, Wynn has fewer dining options, though the foods are also very good.

As for the casino, Palazzo is just good. The casino is pretty big and enjoyable. But Wynn’s casino is better. The casino is larger, and it has more ambiance. It also has good cocktail waitress service, which is something nearly non-existent in Palazzo.

Both Palazzo and Wynn are great hotels. If you are staying only for a few days, Palazzo is probably a better choice for the money because the standard room is better and the location is more strategic. There are more dining options, too. However, for the best overall experience, Wynn is more recommended. It has better luxury rooms, better services, and better casino.

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