Massanutten vs Wintergreen

Do you have a plan to try to play ski? Or are you one of ski lovers? If you are looking for things that we have mentioned to spend your weekend especially if you come with your lovely people. You must try to visit in these resort and ski area. Where are they? In Massanutten and Wintergreen. You will not only enjoy skiing but also playing golf, snow tubing, and many more. You will have no regret after you enjoy your day in these 2 places. In order to help you choose, we will have some reviews about Massanutten and Wintergreen.

If you need a perfect vacation located in the heart of Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley, you must go to Massanutten as your resort to stay along your holiday. There are some parts of beautiful views in Massanutten such as great Blue Ridge Mountains in the east and the Alleghenies in the west. The spectacular views of Massanutten is located in Shenandoah Valley or you want to feel summer vacation everyday just by going to Massanutten WaterPark. Massanutten Resort has continuously been awarded three Gold Crown, one Silver Crown and one Hospitality status with RCI. There are housekeeping, resort maintenance, hospitality included in one area of this Massanutten Resort. (Read also: Massanutten vs Great Wolf Lodge)

Wintergreen Ski Resort is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains, 43 miles southwest of Charlottesville, Va. Wintergreen Resort offers one of the more picturesque four season resorts anywhere in the eastern United States. They offer you to ski in the morning and play golf in the afternoon. Also, some of the best terrain around for skiing and snowboarding, and also great terrain park with the largest snow tubing park. This place is family-oriented that is why some trails and slopes are offered here to expert terrain and a vertical drop of more than 1,000 feet.

Each resorts have their own pros. The big pros for Massanutten is it is 45 minutes closer to civilization and Great ski instructor for beginners are available in Massanutten. They had our 3 years old skiing down the runs with the adults the first day. While big pros for Wintergreen appears to be the nicer ski resort, with a more scenic look. Wintergreen also has kids club for babysitting with a lot of fun indoor/outdoor activities if you wanted to ski as a family but the 2 years old is too young. There is also a nature museum that has occupied our kids when the weather didn’t allow for much else.

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