Kings Dominion vs Busch Gardens

Stress due to personal problems or saturated daily routine and the work can strike anyone and at any time. Therefore, it takes a special time to be able to restore the mood and the stamina of the body in order to back prime and can be used to play back. The most efficacious remedy for stress and heart break is a fun place to take a vacation and do fun things. If you are not good at mountain climbing and not too friendly with a wave of the sea, then explore the theme park could be the best alternative. Pack your goods to You, and start browsing to Kings Dominion vs. Busch Gardens. Drop your choice!

About King Dominion
The King Dominion is located about 20 miles north of Richmond, VA and about 70 miles south of Washington D.C. Today, Dominion king offers 13 roller coasters including 4 coaster launches. Last year, the Park was acquired by the Cedar Point Cedar Fair parent company. As a result of its former affiliation as Paramount Park shares similar attractions with Carowinds, Kings Island, Great America and Canada’s Wonderland. The theme in King Dominion has been largely determined by his relationship with Paramount. Some movie themed attractions include: Hurler (Wayne’s World), day of Thunder Kings Dominion season pass motion Simulator, Tomb Raider: Firefall, Italian job: Turbo Coaster, and Scooby-Doo and Haunted Mansion. With Cedar Fair on helmets, these rides may be re-named. Park sections like The Grove, International Street, and the themed Congo are minimal. On the bright side, the park is quite clean and has a decent amount of trees. From the top of the replica of the Eiffel Tower or Drop zone you have a great view of the surrounding Virginia forest.

Tickets in King Dominion
Actually this is not the upcoming price, because whenever you read this review, the price may be changed over the time.
· Single Day among $77 (age 10+) and $67 (ages 3-9)
· Busch Gardens and Water Country USA “Fun Card” is among $102
· Groups of 15-75 tickets single day is among $55, Group Dining Package $74.75
· One year pass is among $144, Busch Gardens and Water Country USA one year pass $192
· Open most weekdays in the summer from 10am till 9pm, and 10am till 10pm on weekends

Rides at King Dominion
· Italian Job Turbo Coaster is a launch coaster themed after the famous Italian Job movie was released
· Taxi Jam is a small coaster for kids with the Nickelodeon section of the park
· Shockwave may be nearly unrideable that comes in term of stand-up coaster should have been scrapped
· Hurler is look alike with Wayne’s World. If you would have ridden the Hurler when the movie was hot you also would have had a great ride
· Scooby Doo’s Ghoster Coaster is made for kids and adults with short legs, the exception is for those who are taller that will not be great gateway coaster for the young ones
· Rebell Yell is an old raising coaster that can race infrequently. A train is facing backwards and a face forwards
· Ricochet with the Hairpin turns in small four person cars but not your standard layout for a wild mouse
· Anaconda is steel looping coaster set on a pond with an underwater tunnel with also short and a little rough
· Avalanche is a family coaster with surprising speed and g-forces
· Grizzly is an old woodie hiding in the woods of the Old Dominion section of the park
· Flight of Fear is the first roller coaster with LIMs, its success undoubtedly helped to kick off the launch coaster era
· Volcano or The Blast Coaster is one of the best launch coasters around with 70 mph never felt so fast

About Busch Gardens
Located in Tampa, an hour’s drive west on Interstate 4 from Walt Disney World Resort area, Busch Gardens Tampa was actually opened in 1959, the year before one of Orlando’s theme parks. After a modest tropical garden on a brewery tour, Tampa Busch Gardens has evolved into a Park over the thrill of Florida, offering more world-class coasters than the rest of Central Florida Park combined. Tampa Busch Gardens is a SeaWorld Orlando park, and a combo ticket for two Parks is readily available in both locations, as well as on their respective websites. SeaWorld also offers free bus transportation to Busch Gardens Tampa for multi park ticket holders who do not want to make their own trips. Tampa park is the first of four Busch Gardens to open across the country, although only two remain open day: Busch Gardens Tampa and Busch Gardens Williamsburg, in Virginia. (The other two are Busch Gardens Los Angeles, located in Van Nuys in San Fernando Valley north of downtown LA, and Busch Gardens Houston.) The Tampa park has an African theme, and has been known in the past as the Busch Gardens of Africa, and before that, Busch Gardens.

Tickets in Busch Gardens
Actually this is not the upcoming price, because whenever you read this review, the price may be changed over the time.
· Whenever you buy online you can save up to $10
· One Day Sale special in only July 9-July 24: $29.99
· Single Day is among $50, After 4pm $40, Admission and Fast Lane $104
· Military is among $38, Groups (15-99) $34.50, Fast Lane $48, Fast Lane Plus $63
· Silver Season Pass is among $83, Gold Season Pass $125, Platinum Season Pass $210, Silver Season Pass + Dining $188
· Open most days during the summer from 10:30am till 10:00pm
· Open until midnight for special events during the fall season

Rides of Busch Gardens
· SheiKra is the nation’s first dive coaster that carry riders up to 200 feet at 45 degrees and 70 mph back at a 90-degree angle
· Cheetah Run is a linear Synchronous Motor Launch Coaster that is using the force of repelling magnets to launch riders from 0 until 60 in a matter of seconds
· Egypt and Montu is the tallest and longest inverted roller coaster in the world with 7 upside-down loops
· Edge of Africa is home to most of the large animals. You can go to the Adventure Tours tent and see if you can get on a Serengeti Safari which become one of the park’s most popular zoologist-led wildlife tours
· Noirobi is a place that you can see gorillas and chimpanzees in their lush rainforest habitat in the Myombe Reserve
· Scorpion is a high-speed number with a 60-foot drop and 360-degree loop
· Cheetah Chase is a five-story “wild mouse”-style coaster
· Congo is a home to Kumba which can plunge riders from 110 feet into a diving loop, where you get a full 3 seconds of feeling weightless while spiraling 360 degrees
· Stanleyville is a prototype African village with a shopping bazaar and the Stanleyville Theater for all ages
· SheiKra is a place for 200 feet up and 90 degrees straight down
· Sesame Street Safari of Fun a place you will see Sesame Street characters in a family-friendly African adventure filled with kid-size rides, cool water fun, and other adventures.

Both Kings Dominion vs Busch Gardens are nice, but in certain case, Busch Gardens is a bit nicer, greener environment, and has a better themed. Plus there is so much to do in the Wiliamburg area. But you must notice about adding extra days on the holiday weekend in order to do this trip from Balimore unless you don’t mind a horrendous traffic jam. On the other hand and luckily, if you could travel Thursday till Tuesday, traffic would be better and you’d be able to enjoy more of the Williamsburg area.

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