Hershey Hotel vs Hershey Lodge

So, you are now planning a trip to visit Hershey park in Pennsylvania, but you are not sure where to stay. There are two great options: Hershey Hotel vs Hershey Lodge. You probably have understood that Hershey Hotel is more expensive while Hershey Lodge is cheaper. But what is actually the difference between these two places in terms of quality and features? See the answer below.

The Benefits of Hershey Resorts
Staying at either Hershey Hotel or Hershey Lodge is usually much more recommended than staying at one of the other competitors because of several benefits. First of all, you can use the shuttle service to reach any of the Hershey properties, which is very convenient. You won’t have to drive or pay parking fees when going to the park. Second, you can get discounted park tickets and various packages that include free breakfasts or tickets. Third, you can meet Hershey characters, as they walk around at various times of the day for photo ops with the guests – your children will love them.

Hershey Hotel is located on a tall hill that overlooks the town. You will enjoy the views here. On the other hand, Hershey Lodge is located on the west edge of the town, just across the medical center. While both places are strategic to visit the amusement park, the Lodge is actually closer to the actual town.

Decoration and Atmosphere
Obviously, Hershey Hotel vs Hershey Lodge have different themes and decorations. Hershey Hotel offers the most luxurious air. It has an Italianate lobby, fancy dining room and pool, and luxury accommodations. You will also enjoy the beautiful scenery of the flower gardens as well as the rich history. The atmosphere is more formal.

On the other hand, Hershey Lodge has more lodge feel, featuring a stone fireplace and leather chairs. It has several family-style restaurants, and the atmosphere is less formal. Unfortunately, while the grounds are well-kept, it feels as if you have to do lots of walking to get from place to place. If you walk outside, you’d be walking through the parking lots.

Room and Service
Indeed, Hershey Hotel has the best rooms and services. The rooms are fancier and more spacious. The touches from the cleaning staff are also very appreciable. They can clean and tidy up your room if you want. The amenities are great.

On the other hand, Hershey Lodge has clean and updated rooms that are actually comfortable. However, they are pretty basic rooms. There isn’t much service either. Apparently, there is no turn-down service, so the staff will not clean your room or add new amenities.

There are more restaurants and a bigger pool in Hershey Hotel. The foods are awesome. However, Hershey Lodge has more “kid-friendly” restaurants. They also feel very nice and cozy.

If you are going to spend several days to enjoy the holiday, Hershey Hotel is definitely worth the money. It has more pleasant and enjoyable atmosphere, and the features and services are better. However, if you are only visiting for one or two days, you probably won’t have enough time to really enjoy the resort’s features, so Hershey Lodge would be a more efficient choice.

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