Great Wolf Lodge vs Kalahari

Waterpark became one of much loved tourist attractions during the holidays. Almost every great city must have had rides waterpark. Not only the play of water, waterpark also offers tours that can be adrenaline. If you visit the waterpark will be more enjoyable if shared with a partner. Not only that, busy-busy playing with family and friends is also not less interesting. Maybe if you want to find a reference especially for you who are in America, 2 things not to be missed is the Great Wolf Lodge and Kalahari. But, since these places are coming with similar attractions, people usually will find out the differences so that they can decide easily before go to the chosen place.

Great Wolf Lodge
Water park, one of the branches of the Great Wolf Lodge Groups scattered in the United States, like the one in Pocono, Kansas, Dallas, and Ohio. In Williamsburg, occupying a land area of 67,000 square, provides shaped family room 301, spa, bar, restaurant, cafe, bar & starbuck’s, pizza hut, gift shop, meeting rooms, and electronic games. The game requires the preparation of fresh water as many as 300,000 gallon create operates water games spin, slide, splash his etc. There are 8 water slides available, 5 giant water front (water spill), artificial rivers, 5 swimming pools make adults and children. Outside of the page also contains some small pool that is used if there are rains. Around the outdoor seating is also available such as we see in every pool. That is interesting here, the life guards road continued to surround the pools just conditioned jaga2 ready at any time. Below the podium used make the purposes of story telling, reading, singing, rhymes and tonil. Dressing room, locker, W.C. and rinse all located overlooking the pond, making it easier for visitors to change clothes. (See also: Massanutten vs Great Wolf Lodge)

Kalahari Ohio water park not only has rides or facilities play a very diverse, but also its location in the building so as to make visitors feel comfortable and secure. Despite being indoors, but Kalahari Waterpark equipped roof unique Foil Tec so that the possible natural light into the building. The condition is certainly supporting visitors to soak up the Sun at all times. Kalahari Waterpark is in two locations namely Wisconsin Dells in Wisconsin and Sandusky in Ohio. Wisconsin Dells Kalahari is the first and was founded in 2000. Kalahari Waterpark Wisconsin is the largest in the city and has a number of extreme rides like the slides as well as the pipe tunnel with a length of and a height that is very challenging. In 2011, the Wisconsin Dells Kalahari adds new spacecraft i.e. Tufani Falls, Sidewinder Sahara and Hyena Scream. Standing on land 16,100 square meters, Kalahari Sandusky has a vehicle that is more diverse than the Wisconsin Dells. Kalahari Sandusky is located about 13 kilometers south of Cedar Point Road in Milan. Kalahari in Ohio include two current rider surf simulator. They are afraid to surf in the ocean could test the adrenaline in this extreme rides. This location also features indoor basketball, a hot tub and a slide with a height of and length of that wonderful thrill.

For the price, class, and floors, both Great Wolf Lodge and Kalahari are close to each other or even similar. Just in the total of rooms, Kalahari has more rooms with 596 rooms while Great Wolf Lodge just 271 rooms. And the main differences also can be seen on the amenities or facilities, again, Kalahari provides more such as family rooms, Business center, free high-speed internet, and many more. Why not choose Kalahari as long as it is good?

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