Couples Negril vs Sandals Negril

Couples and Sandals are two of the most renowned resort chains, especially in Negril, the famous beach resort town in the westernmost parish of Jamaica. Both resorts are very popular and glowing with positive reviews. So, where should you stay on your next visit to Negril? Below, we will see the comparisons between Couples Negril vs Sandals Negril. Continue reading!

Couples Negril is situated on the Norman Manley Boulevard of Negril – we have discussed about the comparisons between Ocho Rios vs Negril, both in Jamaica. It is very close to the Negril Aerodrome, which is also situated on the same road. Relative to Sandals Negril, Couples Negril is located further to the north. It is overlooking the Bloody Bay, and is closer to the North Negril Bay.

Meanwhile, Sandals Negril is also on the Norman Manley Boulevard, located on the southern side of Couples Negril. It is overlooking the so-called Seven-Mile Beach of Negril. It is closer to the Kool Runnings Waterpark, and is only 4.2 km from the Xtabi cove. If you go to Negril, you definitely have to see Xtabi’s amazing labyrinth of caves and passageways!

Rooms and Restaurants
So, how do the rooms of Couples Negril compare to Sandals Negril? Truth to be told, both all-inclusive resorts offer high-quality and luxurious rooms. You definitely will enjoy the bedding and decoration of either place. They are both very comfortable and convenient.

However, about the restaurants and dining options, Couples Negril is the one that stands out. It has outstanding restaurants. The awesome buffets are available for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If you come early for the breakfast, you can even get a freshly cut coconut. There are various comfort foods and healthy meals as options. On the other hand, Sandals Negril actually has nice restaurants, but they are just not as nice as the ones on Couples Negril.

Services and Activities
Both Couples Negril and Sandals Negril offer a variety of services and activities. However, once again, Couples Negril’s features are better. Some of the services and activities are available for free. For example, you can get a free introductory scuba course for a half day in Couples Negril. It also has nice and comfortable lounge chairs.
On the other hand, Sandals Negril is unfortunately really nickel and dime for every single thing. This is apparent if you had stayed in Couples Negril before and compared the two resorts. The same scuba course in Sandals Negril requires you to pay about $160 per couple. In addition, it does not have enough beachfront area to accommodate all of its guests. So, if you don’t take the butler service, which will cost some more money, you will have to wake up early before the sun comes up to reserve your lounge chair with a towel and books.

In the end, Couples Negril is the better options. Although both places offer great rooms, Couples Negril’s features and services are better and more welcoming. Sandals Negril can be considerably more expensive; unless you really prefer Sandals Negril’s strategic location, Couples Negril is more recommended.

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