Couples Negril vs Couples Tower Isle

The Couples resorts make great destination choices for you and your beloved partner. These all-inclusive resorts are designed specially for couples, hence the name. They offer romantic settings and services that you and your partner will greatly enjoy. There are actually four Couples resorts in Jamaica. In this article, we will discuss the comparisons between Couples Negril vs Couples Tower Isle, which are both very popular.

First of all, let’s take a look at the locations of Couples Negril and Couples Tower Isle. They are on different sides of Jamaica. The location of Couples Negril is on the Norman Manley Boulevard PO Box 35, Negril. It is on the western side of the country. Negril has a domestic airport, Negril Aerodrome, but no international airport.

On the other hand, Couples Tower Isle is in Ocho Rios. It is on the northern area of the country. The town has an international airport, Ian Fleming International Airport. So, getting to Ocho Rios is relatively easier by a direct flight.

If we compare the number of facilities and features, we can say that Couples Tower Isle is larger. Well, it has fewer rooms and suites, with a total of 226, but it has 6 restaurants, 5 bars, 4 pools, 4 jacuzzis, spa villas, and a private au naturel island.Don’t forget that you can get unlimited spa from the spa villages.

The private island is especially famous, becoming a major reason for people coming here. It is a sun-splashed playground, and the private island makes an excellent place for you and your partner to relax. But it is also a social place; there are organized pool games where you can socialize with other couples.

On the other hand, Couples Negril does not have a private island, but it is said to be the company’s most intimate resort with an enclosed area and an au naturel beach. It features 234 rooms and suites, 5 restaurants, 5 bars, 2 pools, and 4 jacuzzis. It has spa facilities.

Both Couples Negril vs Couples Tower Isle are great and comfortable, but they have slightly different airs. Many people agree that Couples Negril has a better atmosphere. It has a more boutique Jamaican feel, and it also feels more intimate. On the other hand, Couples Tower Isle is also nice, but the place is slightly less intimate compared to the Negril.

The pricing is always something to consider if you want to get the most value from your money. Couples Negril is considered as the more premium option. The packages here are generally more expensive. Meanwhile, Couples Tower Isle’s packages start at slightly lower prices.

Both resorts are great; you can’t really go wrong with either. If you want to enjoy the most intimate atmosphere with a boutique Jamaican feel, choose Couples Negril. The place is very comfortable and lovely. However, if you are interested about enjoying various facilities as well as the private island and unlimited spa, you can choose Couples Tower Isle.

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