Cancun vs Hawaii

If you are looking for a summer vacation reference this time and your destination plan are some beach that has many options and exotic in the Americas, these two places cancun vs hawaii will be reviewed here to add to your exotic summer vacation reference.

Cancún, which generates about one-third of Mexico’s tourism revenue, might be the least Mexican city in the country. You can spend your entire vacation without speaking a word of Spanish or exchanging a single dollar for pesos. Since the first three hotels opened in 1974 on a deserted spit of land visited only by local fishermen, Cancún’s Hotel Zone has acquired a phalanx of massive resorts and megamalls, sprawling for 23km (14 miles) like the love child of Miami and Las Vegas. Yet no amount of change has tarnished the gift from nature that put it on the map four decades ago: an expanse of soft alabaster sand and a Caribbean sea the color of blue Curaçao. The brochures, in this case, don’t lie. This Cancún is a culture unto itself, an idyllic Caribbean cocoon where life consists of sipping margaritas on those legendary sands, shoping in glittering retail palaces, gyrating in thumping, all-night discos, and seeking fortification in an array of fine restaurants so you can do it all again the next day. It’s easy to get to, largely English-speaking, does business in dollars, and is well supplied with familiar international chains. It was designed from the ground up solely as an enclave of hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, golf courses, and marinas. (See also: Playa Del Carmen vs Cancun)

The Hawaiian Islands are a special place that can’t be matched by other island destinations, which is one reason why people make repeated visits to the Islands each year. There are eight islands that make up the island-state. Of the eight, six are open to visitors; they include Oahu, Maui, Kauai, Molokai, Lanai, and Hawaii (often referred to as the Big Island). It’s pretty easy to get from one place to another and you can get flights between Hawaiian islands on any of the three inter island carriers that serve the Aloha State. Although Hawaii is the “youngest” of the 50 United States, this lively archipelago boasts a rich history along with modern luxury and some good clean fun in the sun. While most travelers find Hawaii accommodation on one island and explore every beach and canyon it has to offer, we say go beach-hopping, because more is more. From the monuments in Honolulu and the wilderness preserves of Kauai to the seaside volcanoes of Hawaii (aka “The Big Island”), you won’t be lacking exciting activities or opportunities to be blissfully lazy.

Cancun is a lot cheaper, but I assume cost is not an issue since they are allowing you to choose. You would better go to hawaii. Hawaii on the other hand is really is one of the special places on earth. they are actually most isolated islands on the planet, but many don’t realize that because being part of the US and all the cheesy island references in pop culture take much of the exoticness out of Hawaii. Hawaii is the best pick for your summer vacation.

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