Aquatica vs Adventure Island

Florida is home to various theme parks. There are more than a dozen theme parks here, many of which are world-wide famous. There are also various water parks, and two of the most popular ones are Aquatica and Adventure Island. Both Aquatica and Adventure Island are owned and operated by SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment. Below, we will see how Aquatica vs Adventure Island compare. Depending on your preference, either Aquatica or Adventure Island will be a better choice for your family holiday.

Aquatica is easy to reach. If you take the route from the Orlando International Airport, you just need to take the Highway 528/Beachline Expressway Westbound, and then go off on the International Drive exit. Drive to the end of the ramp by following the signs toward SeaWorld, and then take a left. There, you will find Aquatica right across the street. By the way, don’t forget to see the comparisons between Aquatica vs Typhoon Lagoon!

On the other hand, Adventure Island is located at 10001 N. McKinley Drive, Tampa. It is situated just across the street from Busch Gardens Tampa. The 30-acre water-drenched area is located 72.4 miles from the Orlando International Airport and 63.2 miles from the SeaWorld. Those are long distances. This place is relatively more difficult to reach. That’s probably one of the reasons why Adventure Island is more popular among the locals.

Aquatica tends to be more crowded, especially in the holiday seasons. In Aquatica, you can expect to meet local as well as foreign vacationers from all around the world. After all, Aquatica is now one of the most famous water theme parks in the world. On the other hand, in Adventure Island, there are mostly local families who hit up the water theme park for some fun. Adventure Island is usually less crowded, so this place can be your choice if you don’t want to bump into too many people.

Both Aquatica vs Adventure Island water theme parks offer various slides and rides and attractions. Both have great, interesting features. This is not surprising, considering that they are both operated by SeaWorld.

However, Aquatica is still the better one. It has more intriguing slides, some are very tall and adrenaline-pumping. Note that the steepest and tallest waterslide in the area belongs to Aquatica, which is the Ihu Breakaway waterslide. The near-vertical drop will let you plummet down at up to 24 feet per second! In addition, Aquatica also has two wave pools and a very nice lazy river. You will enjoy chilling up in the lazy river. There are good shades.

On the other hand, Adventure Island has good slides and rides for young children. There is only one wave pool, and the lazy river is a little bit too slow-paced.

Between these two water theme parks, Aquatica is definitely the better choice. Its location is much more accessible, and it has more interesting and challenging attractions. The wave pools and lazy river are very nice. And don’t forget to try the Ihu Breakaway slide, which will pump your adrenaline!

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